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  • n. The skeletal remains of a female hominid, Australopithecus afarensis, found in Tanzania in 1974 and dated at about 3 million years old. Lucy is the most complete australopithecine skeleton yet discovered, being about 40 percent intact.

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  • proper n. A female given name.
  • proper n. A surname derived from place names in Normandy based on a male personal name, from Latin Lucius.

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  • n. incomplete skeleton of female found in eastern Ethiopia in 1974


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Medieval English vernacular form of Lucia, name of a Sicilian martyr, from the Latin feminine form of the Roman praenomen Lucius, from lux "light".


  • WENDY AND LUCY (2008, Oscilloscope, unrated, $30) - A cash-strapped young woman (Michelle Williams) driving cross-country to job opportunities in Alaska gets busted for shoplifting dog food and loses her beloved pooch Lucy.

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  • These bureaucrats must feel like Lucy and Ethel in that hilarious episode of ´I Love Lucy¡ when Lucy and her friend got jobs at the candy factory and they attempt to wrap morsels of bonbons hurtling at them at ever increasing speed on a conveyor belt moving at warp speed.


  • LUCY THE ELEPHANT, Margate - Built in 1881 and handcrafted from 1 million pieces of wood covered by 12,000 square feet of tin skin, Lucy was designed as an eye-catching ad to lure investors to beachfront property south of Atlantic City.

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  • Early in their relationship, Lily had heard Aaron mention he liked the name Lucy any L name, really!

    Paper Lanterns

  • Lily will be launching the label Lucy in Disguise at designer Wayne Hemingway's fashion and music festival Vintage this August.


  • Don't look for such wit in "Lucy" -- or much excitement.

    "Lucy," a half-ape/half-human thriller by Laurence Gonzales

  • The book begins at our beginning with the discovery of Lucy in Ethiopia and why this was such an important discovery – as to whether Lucy is actually female or just simply a male of small stature, remains unknown.

    2010 March 06 « The BookBanter Blog

  • In America she had taken the name Lucy, and had fallen in love with an American student called Luke.

    Wild Swans

  • Cyrilla of the habit of carrying that basket with her every time she went to Pembroke; but Aunt Cyrilla still insisted on taking it, and only laughed at what she called Lucy Rose's "finicky notions."

    Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903

  • He consulted her regarding what he termed Lucy's cowardice.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith


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