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  • I did notice, however, that when the Chief justice made a particularly good throw, the players agreed that his was best, even though judge Starr's was clearly closer, and although Marshall must have been aware of this favouri - tism, he acceptedit as his due.


  • Oh, responsible data bases like the LA Times and the CBS News made it clear that there was nothing supernatural about them or about the Other Plane, that the magical jargon was at best a romantic convenience and at worst obscuran - tism.

    True Names

  • An interesting brief chapter of Papini's book is entitled “Il Pragmatismo e i parti politici” (“Pragma - tism and Political Parties,” written in 1905), in which


  • Harvard in the 1870's, where Peirce claimed “pragma - tism saw the light of day,” were concerned, as students, practitioners, or teachers of law, with the cultural evolution and philosophical foundations of the law.


  • Where alternatively scien - tism is part of a reductive materialist metaphysics, there is a commitment to what has been called an


  • Sorel's revolutionary, syndicalist brand of pragma - tism appealed strongly to Mussolini and the fascists.


  • Wright's influence on his own scientific approach in the preface to the Principles of Psychology (1890), the forerunner of nearly all of James's ideas as developed in his later formulations of his doctrines of the will to believe, of “radical empiricism,” and of pluralism — the three major components of his variety of pragma - tism and of his general philosophy.


  • Kant's separation of phenomena from the meta - physical unknowable “thing-in-itself” (Ding an sich) led to the positivistic element in empiricistic pragma - tism.


  • Bruno was in consequence propelled toward a scheme which has been rather grandly termed “pantheistic immanen - tism.”


  • Vailati saw three intimate relations between pragma - tism and symbolic or mathematical logic; symptomatic of this close connection, he said, “is the fact that the very inaugurator of the term and conception of pragmatism, Charles S. Peirce, is also at the same time the initiator and promoter of an original direction of logico-mathematical studies” (Vailati [1957], p. 197).



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  • This Is Serious, Mum. Iconic, quirky, cult Australian rock band of the 1980's (and beyond) who always performed with their faces hidden. Try the Wackypedia link for more.

    February 26, 2009