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  • n. a company whose products are ubiquitous
  • v. to Microsoftify.
  • v. to make more like Microsoft with regards to perceived business practices and tactics.


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From Microsoft, the computing company; a blend of microcomputer and software


  • There are many of you Evangelists that have hopes of ruining microsoft and windows. you will soon understand that you are just another victim waiting to be slayed by Microsoft.

    Wired Top Stories

  • And there is no microsoft workshop here either - and it is my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

    I am having trouble epressing myself

  • HR 'Microsoft 811' Challenges our voting rights and democracy itself! yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'HR \'Microsoft 811\' Challenges our voting rights and democracy itself! '

    HR 'Microsoft 811' Challenges our voting rights and democracy itself!

  • MICROSOFT TAKES A SECOND CRACK AT INVALIDATING THE EOLAS PATENT: On December 22, Microsoft submitted a second reexamination request with the USPTO, asking the Office to invalidate the '906 patent, and to put the brakes on the first reexamination request ordered by the USPTO commissioner in 2003.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • BILL GATES, CHAIRMAN OF MICROSOFT: Even as I prepare to shift my focus in July 2008, I know Microsoft is well-positioned for success in the years ahead.

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2006

  • JACK KRUMHOLTZ, MICROSOFT CORPORATION: Microsoft is deeply troubled by the restrictive regulations we operate under in China.

    CNN Transcript Feb 15, 2006

  • MICROSOFT STRENGTHENS IP PROTECTION FOR PC MAKERS: Microsoft has upped the intellectual property protections it offers to PC makers, which shields them from claims of patent infringement and other IP-related disputes.

    The 271 Patent Blog

  • ABOUT MICROSOFT: Microsoft has not gotten much help from the courts or from the USPTO for that matter in dealing with their problems with Eolas.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • MICROSOFT REITERATES CALL FOR REFORM: Microsoft recently called for reform of the US patent system in a speech by Brad Smith to a speech to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.

    The 271 Patent Blog

  • MICROSOFT STARTS A SURGE OF SORTS IN PATENT FILINGS IN INDIA: As reported in, Microsoft has apparently reacted to India's modification of its software patent laws in 2003 by increasing patent filings by 5 times over the previous year.

    Archive 2005-10-01


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