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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of scoff.


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  • "Go figure," Young scoffed from the podium Sunday during his acceptance speech at the stadium adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. - Young scrambles into Hall

  • Sure, the big record labels scoffed at first at the idea of a female Cuban vocalist who wanted to sing old-fashioned country music.

    A Diva From Old Havana

  • Several executives at other major labels scoffed when asked about the deal, saying their companies had learned the lessons of the past.

    NYT > Home Page

  • I kind of scoffed and raised my hand, because he didn't ask any of the chicks to volunteer.

    Elizabeth Olsen Poses For V Magazine (PHOTOS)

  • When Matt Staggs first set up an account for me, I kind of scoffed at Facebook.

    My Complicated Relationship with Facebook

  • In the comments, OSweet, noting Morris's "Whether or not I get paid...," scoffed: "Yeah, right."

    Times are hard... for philosophers...

  • According to CNN, Bush was asked about the authenticity of the tape, but "scoffed" at the idea "that the videotape of Osama bin Laden discussing the September 11 terrorist attacks might not be authentic."

    The Facts Speak For Themselves

  • I mean, with Iraq, international coalitions were kind of scoffed at.

    CNN Transcript Jul 6, 2006

  • And I was just talking to Baghdad Bureau Chief Michael Ware from "TIME Magazine," who said to a man, every soldier he's ever been with has just kind of scoffed at the notion that these Iraqis are ready to fight on their own.

    CNN Transcript Nov 28, 2005

  • I kind of scoffed at this notion when I was a teen-aged boy, but let me tell ya, it's all so very true.

    outfoxed Diary Entry


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