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  • But then the story of Pertinax is told succinctly and well, actually rather moving in places - an old man, unexpectedly made emperor, trying to do his best to undo his predecessor's mistakes and then move forward, but who is then very quickly brought down by the military.

    Gibbon IV

  • After Pertinax is murdered, the Prætorian Guards auction the empire to the highest bidder, one Didius Julianus.

    Gibbon V

  • Though from what Gibbon says, Pertinax is much the more attractive of the two as characters.

    Gibbon IV

  • This chapter is about 70% Commodus and 30% Pertinax; the former reigned for 13 years and the latter less than three months.

    Gibbon IV

  • Chapter IV: The cruelty, follies and murder of Commodus [with added Pertinax]

    Gibbon IV

  • Pertinax himself was so determined not to be accused of despotism that he emulated Augustus by styling himself princeps senatus and declining to accept for his wife, Flavia Titiana, the title of Augusta.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • But his administration lacked the funds to keep the praetorian guard in the style to which they had become accustomed under Commodus.14 In a domino effect Pertinax was brutally usurped by a former consul named Didius Julianus in March 193.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • On Flavia Titiana, see Historia Augusta Pertinax, 6.9.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • He focuses on the murders of Commodus (the first emperor to be born the natural heir to a reigning father) and then of his chaotic successors, Pertinax (whose father was a freed slave) and Julianus (who bought the office at auction).

    Peter Stothard - Times Online - WBLG:

  • Public revenges are for the most part fortunate; as that for the death of Caesar; for the death of Pertinax; for the death of

    The Essays


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  • A Roman emporer, briefly; apparently also the species name of a particular hoverfly.

    July 16, 2015