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  • Sub Surface Ballistic Nuclear - nuclear powered submarine carrying and launching ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons


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  • "If [the submarine known as SSBN (X)] were funded as a separate priority, we'd probably get a better outcome," he said.

    Chris van Avery's Big Feed

  • The new submarine, dubbed the SSBN-X, would replace the current fleet of 14 Ohio-class submarines.


  • The introduction of the Ohio-class SSBN rendered all this stuff expensive kabuki that did little more than piss off Euros.

    Matthew Yglesias » Cold War Hawks and the Soviet Economy

  • Additionally, a new submarine, the SSBN-X, is undergoing development in an effort that is expected to cost $85 billion.

    Russ Wellen: Nuclear Modernization Making a Mockery of Disarmament

  • However, given the stakes involved, the Department of Defense will continue a robust SSBN Security Program that aims to anticipate potential threats and develop appropriate countermeasures to protect current and future SSBNs.

    Wall Street, Nuclear Weapons, MLK Jr., and the Road From Ruin

  • Since the lead times associated with designing, building, testing, and deploying new submarines are particularly long, the Secretary of Defense has directed the Navy to begin technology development of an SSBN replacement.

    Wall Street, Nuclear Weapons, MLK Jr., and the Road From Ruin

  • The Navy, for instance, has refitted its entire SSBN fleet to carry the new, highly accurate Trident II, a missile whose already stunning precision has been nearly continuously upgraded.

    The Perils of Primacy

  • This makes the SSBNs highly vulnerable to a U.S. first strike, and it means that the skills Russian SSBN crews need in order to elude U.S. subs have been greatly vitiated (most Russian crews haven't been on patrol in years).

    The Perils of Primacy

  • Emblazoned on the shirt, in glittery silver letters, were "USS SSBN 634".

    ianrandalstrock's Journal

  • The Bohai Gulf in the north of the country, the location for the base of the first PLA nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), is too shallow to support nuclear deterrent patrols.

    China's Naval Secrets


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