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  • Sub Surface Guided Nuclear - nuclear powered submarine carrying and launching guided missiles


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  • The so-called "SSGN" conversion program, a multi-million dollar endeavor, is now complete and its showcase -- and little-used -- missile lives on.

    Tale of the Tomahawk

  • To do that takes time, and time is not a luxury available at this moment, about a week after the incident that seems to have destroyed the SSGN Kursk, a proud name harking back to the most decisive land battle of World War II. What is an SSGN?

    On A Sub, There's No Room For Mistakes

  • The Cormorant UAV is envisioned to provide close air support for vessels such as the Littoral Combat ship (LCS) and SSGN.

    Introducing the Water-Based Fighter Jet | Impact Lab

  • Further, we are investigating sums in SSGN conversions, which do not count in ship numbers, because while they give us new capabilities, they don't buy new ships as such.

    CNN Transcript Feb 5, 2002

  • Rivera easily identified the enormous, broad-beamed bulk of an Oscar SSGN; two of the oddly humpbacked Delta IV PLARBs; a half-dozen smaller, sleeker attack subs, Alfas and Victors; and three diesel-electric Kilos, conventional attack subs with anti-air missile-defense systems hidden in the long, squared-off sail.


  • "Bravo reports her helo just dropped on an SSGN, sir!" the ASW officer sang out.

    Red Storm Rising

  • This part of the contract will provide technical and engineering support to the CMC concept development efforts for SWS life cycle cost control evaluations, related to the fire control subsystem, and verify the operational and ongoing sustainment requirements for the SSBN FCS and SSGN AWCS, including training, support, and advanced development laboratory equipment.

    Defense Industry Daily

  • AIS will provide annual and other periodic procurements of support equipment and SSP alterations (SPALTs) necessary to sustain the SSBN FCS and the SSGN AWCS, including engineering support, performance evaluation, logistics, fleet documentation, reliability maintenance, engineering services, and training.

    Defense Industry Daily

  • South Korean media use the guided-missile submarine USS Ohio (SSGN 726) as - Business News

  • Florida (SSGN 728) (Blue) Sailors earn the prestigious title of Qualified Submariner during a ceremony at - Business News


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