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  • adj. Of, from, or pertaining to, Sarajevo
  • n. Someone from Sarajevo.


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  • Sarajevan Fedja Stukan, who plans to act in the movie, defended Jolie's project, telling Bosnian media that we are not making a movie about a crazy woman falling in love with her rapist.

    Angelina Jolie To Bosnia: My Film Is Not A Rape Love Story

  • In the novella "Blind Jozef Pronek and Dead Souls," a young Sarajevan travels to the United States and decides to stay when he sees war break out at home on CNN -- he goes on to experience a starkly contemporary version of "coming to America."

    The Question of Bruno by Aleksandar Hemon: Book summary

  • They were joined by Simon Glinn, a music producer who ran the Jazz World stage at Glastonbury, not so much to deliver aid as work with the Sarajevan underground scene to organise rock concerts and events under a banner calling itself the Sarajevo Community Music Project, and even a festival with Radio Zid called Rock Under Siege.

    War Child and the Bosnian war 15 years on

  • As a Sarajevan, the 37-year-old shopkeeper has endured such wake-up calls over the past 3 1/2 years.

    Make War, Make Peace

  • "I personally wouldn't mind my apartment being destroyed in this final shelling," says Gordona Knezevic, deputy editor of Oslobodjenje, the Sarajevan newspaper that still comes out every day.

    Waiting For Spring In Sarajevo

  • Now she is hiding from her family in a cold Sarajevan hospital, tormented by the thought of the unwanted child growing inside her.

    A Pattern Of Rape

  • As if to emphasize the point, the Serbs conducted new waves of ethnic cleansing in eastern Bosnia; the Muslims mounted an assault on Serbs in the Sarajevan suburbs.

    Give Peace A Chance?

  • But for Australian tour operator Ben Robinson, founder of Eastern Europe Holidays, the city's greatest draw is Sarajevan honesty about the war.


  • "I think every day about Bosnia," says Zaim Pasic, a Sarajevan who was evacuated to London after being blinded in one eye by a grenade in 1993.

    Forced Out

  • Some of the war monuments are tasteful and to the point, such as "mortar roses," the blast marks in Sarajevan sidewalks that have been painted red to remind everyone of the civilian slaughter.

    Monumental War


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