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  • proper n. A legislative body in many countries.
  • proper n. The council that governed the ancient Roman Republic.
  • proper n. The Senate of Canada; the upper house of the Canadian parliament; "the Senate".
  • proper n. The United States Senate, "the Senate".
  • proper n. The upper legislative body of many of the states of the United States.


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  • POINTING HUGE LASERS AT AIRCRAFT SOMEHOW NOT ILLEGAL, SENATE FIXES THAT - Intimidated by the prospect of debating whether the country should implement a sweeping law that could insure millions, the Senate today instead decided to take on the growing menace of stoners who live near airports and regularly peruse a Sharper Image catalogue.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Victory In The War On Lasers

  • SENATE FINALIZES RULES REFORM PACKAGE - Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell announced a watered-down Senate rules reform initiative today that will mitigate legislative inaction the way standing in front of a tank mitigates the People's Liberation Army squelching your student demonstration.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Ill. Supreme Court Green Lights Rahm

  • SENATOR BLUMENTHAL IS PROUD TO HAVE SERVED DURING TODAY'S SENATE SESSION - Richard Blumenthal drew the short straw and had to preside over the Senate this afternoon -- as he'll be doing over and over, as one of only three Democratic freshman.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Judge Nixes Health Care Reform

  • SENATE TAKING UP FAA REAUTH - The Senate is dealing with FAA reauthorization this week and aims to complete work after next week's retreat.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Judge Nixes Health Care Reform

  • SENATE RULES REFORM DELAYED - Sam Stein: Operatives leading the lobbying effort for Senate rules reform expect Democrats to delay consideration of the issue until late January in hopes of solidifying support for a package of fixes.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Senate Rules Reform Delayed

  • This definition was recently unanimously confirmed by the U.S. senate in Senate resolution 511, presented by Senator Leahy in April 2008, as Senator McCain sought his legitimacy for the presidency to be verified, and Mr. McCain therefore presented his long version original birth certificate.

    GOP Rep Submits Bill To Require Birth Certificates From Prez Candidates

  • (You must support SENATE language on derivatives, including Senate Section 716, and the Volker rule with the Merkley-Levin language.)

    Art Levine: Wall Street vs. Main Street: Lobbyists' Clout Threatens Reform Today

  • SENATE ABOUT TO PASS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT EXTENSIONS - At the time we sent this sucker out, the Senate just finished voting on a number of GOP delay measures (offsetting the costs of UI, permanent repeal of the estate tax, draconian immigration reform, shooting Bambi's mom, etc).


  • SENATE PASSES CONTINUING RESOLUTION TO FUND GUB'MENT - The Senate this morning passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through March, 79-16.

    HUFFPOST HILL - START Treaty At 1st And Goal

  • It was the centerpiece for deemed pass, as “the rule” recited the conclusion that the House was going to consider the “senate bill” (HR 3590, as amended by the Senate) passed on the condition that the House passed a reconciliation package.cboldt(Quote)

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Constitutional Slaughter Solution?


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