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  • proper n. An alphabetic script used by some Berber peoples, notably the Tuareg, to write their language.


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  • I have heard multiple people from the Sousse describe the attempt to teach Tamazight and promote Tifinagh as a “conspiracy” to keep already debilitated Berber communities as they are.

    Global Voices in English » Morocco: Teaching “Berber” in Schools

  • The article, which outlines the educational options for learning and studying the language, and adds insight into the development of the Tifinagh alphabet, prompted a variety of posts.

    Global Voices in English » Morocco: Teaching “Berber” in Schools

  • Kal, a commenter on the post (and the blogger behind The Moor Next Door), shares anecdotes heard in rural Morocco as to the teaching of Tifinagh:

    Global Voices in English » Morocco: Teaching “Berber” in Schools

  • As I know from my friend Hayat, who is Algerian, the Touareg do not speak Arabic, they speak Tifinagh, their own language.


  • Here's Tifinagh, in Hapax Berbère, one of two fonts (the other, Hapax Touareg, is also available in a form with mirrored glyphs) available from Patrick Andries (note: site is in French). UNICODE GLAGOLITIC.

  • In addition, this version adds many CJK Unified Ideographs in common use in China, Taiwan, and Japan,as well as characters for African language support, including extensions to the Tifinagh, Ethiopic,and Bamum scripts.

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  • The Tuareg pre-date the introduction of Islam and speak a Berber language, Tamasheq, related to ancient Egyptian, with an equally ancient alphabet and script known as Tifinagh.

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