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  • proper n. A Swiss chocolate bar with honey, nougat and almonds, shaped like a triangular prism with triangular wedge-shaped pieces.


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From a blend of Tobler ("surname of one of the creators") + Italian torrone ("form of nougat").


  • I was transferred to the North of Ireland by my employer to go on a training course and flew to Derry all on my "Tobler" (as in "Toblerone"/"own"/all on my own ..... forget it) and was put up in a Travel Lodge for a week with 4 TV channels and no local friends.

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  • This was the case during the so-called Toblerone affair in Sweden.

  • There are a few Swedish Chocolate bars that I really love, and I also like Hershey's chocolate with almonds; however, I think Toblerone, which is Swiss chocolate, is probably my favorite.

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  • Nowadays, there are often three mountains of the stuff in one duty free shop so that an unwary traveller may find themselves imprisoned in a kind of Toblerone Triangle.

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  • Although they did manage to find a report that mentioned a UFO shaped like a giant "Toblerone" and entitled their article "The Scottish X-Files" Had there been any "abductions" which included sexual experiments listed in the released MOD files, you can bet the headline would have been very different! Current News - Top Stories

  • Mysupermarket. co.u, the shopping-comparison website, found that chocolates such as Toblerone (400g/14oz) and Lindor (400g) are as much as news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • They called it Toblerone which is a combination of Tobler and Torrone which is a type of Italian nougat.

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  • LOOKS LIKE IT'S ROMNEY, PAUL AND SANTORUM - Seriously, find someone who predicted that and see to it that he or she receives a very fine gift basket ripe pears, Toblerone... y'know, the works.

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  • Last week, Tim McLevish , chief financial officer of Kraft Foods Inc., which owns candy brands Milka, Cadbury, Cote d'Or, Green & Blacks, and Toblerone, said: Our current expectation is that input costs will remain high throughout 2011.

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  • Nelson Kon Toblerone House In the Paraty House outside Rio, two concrete boxes are stacked with extreme cantilevers matched only by the clear span of an 88-foot living space, while the Toblerone House shows off Mr. Kogan's mastery of the deep, inviting overhang.

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  • Just watched a video where a mathematician/physicist described a prism as a Tobleronie shape, and then made the mistake of reading the comments on how Toblerone is supposed to be pronounced if your from Italy, Switzerland, or England.

    '"Tobleron" (silent e) is an equally wrong way to pronounce it.'

    September 15, 2016