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  • An ancient Phoenician city on the eastern Mediterranean Sea in present-day southern Lebanon. The capital of Phoenicia after the 11th century B.C., it was a flourishing commercial center noted for its purple dyestuffs and rich, silken clothing. Tyre was besieged and captured by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. and was finally destroyed by Muslims in A.D. 1291.

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  • proper n. An ancient sea port and city state of Phoenecia, in present-day Lebanon.


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From Ancient Greek Τύρος (Turos, Týros), from Phoenician 𐤑𐤅𐤓 ("Ṣur") (), after the rocky formation on which the town was originally built. Compare Latin Tyrus, Akkadian 𒋗𒊒 (Ṣurru). Cognate to Arabic صور (Ṣūr), Hebrew צוֹר (Tzor), Tiberian Hebrew צר (Ṣōr), Turkish Sur.


  • The problem with The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and What Parents and Educators Must Do by Peg Tyre is that it is a good book wrapped up in so many stereotypes it is difficult to find the true nuggets of knowledge.

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  • And this morning, that boat was rammed three times by an Israeli patrol vessel, leaving it damaged and forcing it to take a detour in Tyre, Lebanon.

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  • Forth, Tyre is a typical ignorant woman who knows nothing about video games and simply generalizes about the people who play them.

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  • I saw in Tyre, also, another temple … called after Heracles of Thasos; and so I went to Thasos.

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  • "Two rescue workers, including the chief of the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre, Salam Daher (aka" Green Helmet "), were wounded by shrapnel during raids near the hospital where they had been rushing to help extinguish the fire, police said."

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  • That certainly seems to have applied to our mystery man, "Green Helmet", as the Yahoo site has him in Tyre on the Wednesday (pictured above left), acting as part of a fire crew.

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  • Among others, the body of a child recovered under the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles at the village of Qana near the southern Lebanon city of Tyre, is placed in an ambulance Sunday July 30.

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  • Perversely, there is one bomb strike on a road marked - on the main Tyre road a few yards north-west of the junction with the alternative route.

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  • Emergency workers rush to remove the lifeless body of a victim of an Israeli missile strike in Tyre, southern Lebanon, Sunday, Aug. 6, 2006.

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  • The Lebanese troops are being stationed in Tyre and other places for the first time in decades.

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