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  • A city of northwest Venezuela southwest of Barquisimento. It is a commercial center in an agricultural region. Population: 113,000.


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  • Valera is fifth in scoring for the Broncos at just over six points a game.

    IA Independents

  • Another, again a political opponent said, "De Valera is the outstanding personality in Ireland today, by far the ablest and most astute politician and in many ways a constructive force."

    What Next In Ireland?

  • Many of them feel that De Valera is winning the battle for them.

    What Next In Ireland?

  • One of them for instance, said, "De Valera is like Gladstone, he is intensely religious, completely universal, supremely confident that he is right and frequently wrong."

    What Next In Ireland?

  • Now, another gentleman, a devout Catholic, said, "De Valera is intensely Catholic, so long as it suits his political purposes."

    What Next In Ireland?

  • Easter Saturday was the day when the fatal hour arrived to strike, and the Germans sent their shiploads to Ireland; but the old British Navy had their tip in time, and they arrested the arms and sent the ships to the bottom of. the sea, and the German submarine ran to Ireland with Sir Roger Casement, who was supposed to be the Ambassador at the Court of Berlin-we have a wonderful lot of ambassadors, but somehow they are living out of Ireland, a whole lot of them (laughter) and they are remaining away for Ireland's good, and I trust that what will happen to poor de Valera is what happened to some men like Casement.

    The Irish Problem

  • This is a piece I edited for international underground artist Barval, aka Valera, aka The Air Fiddler. - Articles related to Beetles use 'Avatar' technology to locate each other

  • The great religious historians, however, such as Valera, Melendez, Remesal, deny the charge as false.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Tournely-Zwirner

  • Mr. Duran and Marianella Valera, a co-owner of American Therapeutic, pleaded guilty to the fraud in April after being arrested in October of last year.

    Medicare-Fraud Plea Draws 50 Years in Prison

  • Valera, on the right, stands like that – boldly – all the time.

    Photographer Boris Mikhailov's best shot


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