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  • n. A light open-necked cotton shirt, often with large pockets and pleats down the front, that is typically worn outside the pants.

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  • n. A light, open-necked shirt worn by men in Latin America and the West Indies.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Spanish guayabera.


  • The true charm of a guayabera lies not in innovative designs but in the classic comfort and versatility that make an enthusiast like 33-year-old Jeff Rosendahl in Los Angeles call his guayabera "the best shirt I own."

    Tropical And Topical

  • "The guayabera has been a part of the history of our country for a long time and constitutes one of the most authentic and legitimate expressions of Cubanism," the resolution said.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • Sometimes on special occasions he wears slacks with a guayabera shirt.

    Page 2

  • I could be wearing long pants, a guayabera (sp?), and a white cowboy hat (as many locals do, espcially those coming into town from the country) and no one would ever mistake me for a Mexican.

    CLOTHES - what's hot and what's not in Mexico

  • Another difference here: at relatively dressy occasions you often see a gentleman wearing slacks and a fancy, well-ironed and starched guayabera.

    how to "pass" for a Mexican

  • My bet is that most guys prefer the guayabera over the suit and tie under any and all circumstances.

    how to "pass" for a Mexican

  • He was wearing a guayabera shirt trimmed with silver and gold and white pants.

    Ann Beattie's 'The Rock': Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature

  • The two men, dressed in neatly pressed guayabera shirts, shook hands as Mr. Calderón, with no small measure of delight, gestured to his audience to welcome Mexico's very special guest.

    Viva Zapata

  • It was a good thing that I was wearing a guayabera, known for its many pockets.

    One For The Table: Flavortripping

  • Dressed in a white guayabera, beige pants and white slip-ons and surrounded by a cloud of aides, Rangel strolled through the lobby of Harlem Hospital Center.

    Despite House ethics probe, Charles Rangel's support remains strong in Harlem


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  • He had soft, white, fat hands and a plump face and wore a white guayabera shot with gold threads.

    —Jeffrey Eugenides, 2002, Middlesex, p. 459

    August 17, 2008