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  • proper n. WordNet is a wordnet, a semantically structured lexical database, for the English language at Princeton University.


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word +‎ net


  • DODDLE-OWL makes reuse of existing ontologies such as WordNet and EDR as general ontologies to construct taxonomic relationships (defined as classes) and other relationships (defined as properties and their domains and ranges) for concepts.

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  • "WordNet" describes the word 'commercialized' as the following:

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  • Source: WordNet 1.7.1 Copyright © 2001 by Princeton University.

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  • In fact, according to WordNet 3.0 (from Princeton), a clue is "a slight indication" and "evidence that helps to solve a problem."

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  • The recent addition of WordNet definitions to Wordie (which I'll blog at greater length on Monday) was resulting in a version of this before I tweaked the algorithm.

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  • Download data for the WordNet corpus and the Treebank Part of Speech Tagger Maximum entropy.

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  • Before I continue to the next section which will also send you off to the NLTK Book before my conclusion, I will just sneak in a few more cool show-and-tell aspects of WordNet:

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  • Since we will be looking at the WordNet corpus in the next section, take a look at the text representation of a word in this more esoterically designed corpus:

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  • However, as a public service, and in probably a vain attempt to forestall future articles with titles such as "In Pain and Joy of love/hate/surprise/etc., the Brain May Play a Role," here are a list of emotions and psychological states courtesy of WordNet in which the brain certainly plays a role, to the extent we can be certain about anything:

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  • WordNet Dictionary, capitalism, "an economic system based on private ownership of capital."

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