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  • adj. Sharp; keen.
  • adj. With sharp outlines; clear; distinct.
  • adj. Sharp-sighted; keen; observant; watchful.
  • adj. Keen; eager; ready; anxious.
  • v. To sharpen, as a knife.
  • v. To stir up and make bright, as a fire.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A Celtic word used as a prefix to many place-names in Great Britain, and signifying a confluence of waters, either of two rivers or of a river with the sea: as, Aberdeen, Aberdour, Abergavenny, Aberystwith.


From Old Norse apr, *appr, *ampr (“cold, sharp, chilly, bad, sad”), from Proto-Germanic *ampraz (“sour, bitter, sharp, evil”), from Proto-Indo-European *ōmos-, *am(r)-, *om- (“raw, bitter, sharp tasting, sour”). Cognate with Icelandic napur ("biting"), Swedish amper ("sharp, pungent"), Dutch amper ("sharp, pungent, bitter, immature"), German Ampfer ("a sorrel"), Latin amārus ("morose, bitter, harsh"). Related to Old English ampre ("dock, sorrel"). See amper. (Wiktionary)



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