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  • proper noun A male given name.
  • noun A member of a (possibly Turkic) people or tribe who lived around the Caspian before the arrival of the Avars.
  • proper noun The (probably Turkic) language spoken by these people.
  • proper noun A surname.
  • proper noun A pidgin language based on French and used in parts of North Africa and the Mediterranean.
  • proper noun Any of several places in Azerbaijan with names spelled (in the Azerbaijani alphabet) Sabir or Səbir.


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Cognate to Greek Σαβίνος, Σάβιροι.

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From Lingua Franca sabir ("know"), in Molière's Le bourgeois gentilhomme, probably from Spanish saber, ultimately from Latin sapere.

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From Azeri.


  • The language was also known as Sabir and was based on some of the main languages spoken in the area the major western Romance languages at that time, as well as Greek and Arabic.

    When mom became mum

  • Sabir, which is the pigeon-French of Algiers and Philippeville.

    Lippincott's Magazine, Volume 11, No. 26, May, 1873

  • This year, Sabir Ali, 24, from Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority team, won the overall race in 44 hours, 35 minutes and 45 seconds—or just a little less time than it took the Afghan team to drive from Kabul to Karachi.

    That French Bike Race Might Seem Easy Compared to This One

  • Akhtar Soomro/Reuters RIVER BATH: Sabir, 12, who was displaced by flooding, took a bath at an embankment at a refugee camp near Kari Mori, Pakistan, Tuesday.

    Photos of the Day: Oct. 5

  • The first full set had been by another tenor-bass-drums trio, starring saxist Sabir Mateen, who played in a much more meandering, roundabout way —he seemed to be coming at you from the sides, as distinct from Mr. Malaby's full frontal attack.

    A Last Weekend of Virtuosos and Visionaries

  • This year, Pakistan's Sabir Ali won the overall race in 44 hours, 35 minutes and 45 seconds.

    Riding in the Tour de Pakistan

  • Most members of the 10-piece ensemble are respected bandleaders, including saxophonists Joe Lovano, Donny McCaslin, Vincent Herring and Sabir Mateen, bassist Ben Allison, drummer Matt Wilson and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt.

    Playing the Unplayable Album

  • Sabir says at least one of his men, who manned a checkpoint near the base of the building, has been killed.1.29pm: Despite reports that the militants are surrounded in Wazir Akbar Khan, the violence appears to be ongoing:

    US embassy in Kabul under attack - live updates

  • One devotee, saxophonist Joe Lovano , wasn't willing to wait another four years for the 50th anniversary—he's going to be playing the whole piece on Wednesday with a stellar lineup co-starring fellow saxophonists Donny McCaslin , Sabir Mateen and Vincent Herring, brassmen Jeremy Pelt a good stand-in for Freddie Hubbard , and the double drum team of Billy Drummond and Matt Wilson .

    The Jazz Scene: Sultry Styles and 50 Years of the Rumble

  • There are no reports of ISAF casualties at this time.1.19pm: Colonel Mohammad Sabir, commander of the "ring of steel", who controls the dozens of checkpoints around the city says it is too early to say how attackers got past his men and into the building, Jeremy Kelly writes.

    US embassy in Kabul under attack - live updates


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