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  • abbr. accusative


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  • Which when the Lord God heard, without delay To judgment he proceeded on th 'accus'd Serpent though brute, unable to transfer 165

    The Works of the English Poets

  • Which when the Lord God heaird, without delay To judgement he proceeded on th'accus'd Serpent thotigh brute, unable to transfer The guilt on him who made him infh*ument Of mifchief, and polluted from the end Of his creation; juftly then accufft.

    Paradise Lost: A Poem in Twelve Books. The Author John Milton. According to the Author's Last ...

  • “Was shewn: by these th 'accus'd was clear'd, by those

    The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II

  • Now the right style for me here was to keep low like in frog-dancing to protect litso and glazzies, and this I did, brothers, so that poor old Dim was a malenky bit surprised, him being accus - tomed to the straight face-on lash lash lash.

    Where's the show?

  • Bane, accus - tomed in youth to the clothing of Phaze, had never com - pletely adjusted to the nudity of Proton serfs.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • This be because we be amicable persons, accus - tomed to accommodation and sacrifice, while the Adverse and Contrary folk be perverse and greedy, accustomed to yielding naught but under force or threat.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • Ten days ago, US Ambassador to Israel Richard H. Jones wrote a severe letter to Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On [...] accus [ing] Israel of secretly trading with Iran and transferring foreign currency to the country, in direct violation of an Israeli law prohibiting trade with enemy states.

    Richard Silverstein: Israelis: Eat a Pistachio, Make an Iranian A-Bomb

  • As their eyes grew accus-omed to the gloom, they could see that the far side of e tent was occupied by a wooden sled, its rails dark ith age but beautifully carved with flowing animal hapes.

    Crusader Gold

  • The mother, with a freedom more amiably great than the Italian ladies are accus-tomed to express, bid her Clementina regard as her fourth brother, the preserver of the third.

    Sir Charles Grandison

  • I'm not "accus[ing] [you] of being a crackpot," but I am suggesting that in order to make the case that anyone should be indicted, you've got to work within 18 U.S.C. §2441c.

    The NYT pronounces the Federalist Society annual meeting "somber."


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