from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • transitive v. To mark with the imprint of a rubber stamp.
  • transitive v. To endorse, vote for, or approve without question or deliberation.


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  • On his return, he called his rubber-stamp parliament into session for Friday, August 11, to approve some plan that was not immediately disclosed.

    Staying Tuned

  • Simultaneously, senior military officers came to realize that the Obama administration would not simply rubber-stamp their requests for large-scale ramp-ups in troops and resources that would then go on for more than four years.

    The Longest War

  • For instance, ordinary Chinese are running for election in local legislative bodies that are usually rubber-stamp bodies filled with reliable worthies chosen by the Party.

    The Chinese Awakening

  • The most senior speaker, Kim Yong Nam, the head of North Korea's rubber-stamp parliament, underscored the message sent out by North Korea's media since Mr. Kim's death of a heart attack was announced 10 days ago—that his son Kim Jong Eun is taking control of his father's regime and country of 24 million.

    North Korea Wraps Up Tribute

  • It is also necessary to add the caveat that fraud and criminality must be proven in court -- and that requires an injured party with the means to pursue a case, willing and competent lawyers, and judges who do not rubber-stamp in favor of the banksters.

    L. Randall Wray: Nightmare on Wall Street

  • Oil companies put whatever in their exploration plan and if all goes well the federal agency will rubber-stamp it.

    Subhankar Banerjee: BPing the Arctic, Again -- Fast-Tracking Shell's Dangerous Drilling

  • AT&T's PR machine is spinning like crazy to convince Americans that they've got our best interests at heart... and that their friends at the Department of Justice and FCC should rubber-stamp this merger.

    Timothy Karr: AT&T Takes America Back to the Future

  • The SuperCommittee devised to cut the budget deficit has been meeting in secret and may rubber-stamp a Farm Bill that will encourage bad farming practices--the type that lead to obesity, environmental degradation, and unfair world trade.

    Maria Rodale: Six Ways To Help End Big Farm Handouts

  • She's a follower and will rubber-stamp anything and everything Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove put in front of her.

    GOP: Dems' health care reform plan 'a prescription for disaster'

  • Republicans would approve it in a second, without even having to read thru it ... they would just rubber-stamp whatever.

    GOP unveils new health care ad campaign


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