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  • n. The simplest organic cyanide or nitrile, CH3CN.

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  • n. Methyl cyanide, CH3CN, the nitrile of acetic acid. It is a liquid which boils at 81.6°C.


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  • Try nail polish remover, particularly the kind with acetone instead of acetonitrile.

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  • Finding amino acetonitrile has greatly extended our insight into the chemistry of dense, hot star-forming regions.

    New Organic Molecule Discovered in Space

  • Since the search for glycine has turned out to be extremely difficult, a chemically related molecule was searched for, amino acetonitrile NH2CH2CN, probably a direct precursor of glycine.

    New Organic Molecule Discovered in Space

  • Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn have detected for the first time a molecule closely related to an amino acid: amino acetonitrile.

    New Organic Molecule Discovered in Space

  • Dry lysergic acid is suspended in a suitable vehicle as acetonitrile, and the suspension is cooled to about -15 C. or -20 C.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • The acetonitrile solution containing mixed anhydride is added to 150 ml. of acetonitrile containing 7.6 g. of diethylamine.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • The acetonitrile is evaporated, and the residue treated with chloroform and water as described in Example Two.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • A solution of the mixed anhydride of lysergic acid and trifluoroacetic acid is prepared from 2.68 g. of d-lysergic acid and 4.4 g. of trifluoroacetic acid anhydride in 100 ml. of acetonitrile by the method of Example One.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • To the suspension is then added slowly a solution of about two equivalents of trifluoroacetic anhydride dissolved in acetonitrile and previously cooled to about -20 degrees C.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • To this suspension is added a cold -20 degrees C. solution of 8.82 g. of trifluoroacetic anhydride in 75 ml. of acetonitrile.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.


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