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  • noun Color-blindness, or inability to see or distinguish colors. Also called acritochromacy.

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  • noun achromatopia


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  • I have achromatopsia, so I see everything in grayscale.


  • Standard examples from the study of vision include prosopagnosia (impaired face recognition), achromatopsia

    Modularity of Mind

  • Mr Nordby featured in the Oliver Sacks series The Mind Traveller, when he accompanied Dr Sacks to Pingelap Atoll (the title topic of his book The Island of the Colour Blind) where due to a limited gene-pool some 10% of the population have achromatopsia.

    Not-so-new colour recognition

  • PS: Vision in a complete achromat: a personal account is a very interesting feature on achromatopsia by vision scientist Knut Nordby.

    Not-so-new colour recognition

  • Neil Harbisson, an art student who suffers from achromatopsia, liked it so much that he now wears it full time, and was even allowed to have it on his passport photo ( "After his GP wrote a letter explaining the situation, Neil became the first person in the UK whose passport recognises him as a cyborg").

    Not-so-new colour recognition

  • The documentary chronicles the rare condition of achromatopsia that affects many of the residents of Pingelap, an atoll in the South Pacific.

    An Island of Colorblindness

  • For the people with achromatopsia on Pingelap, vision that is dominated by rods instead of cones presents its own set of challenges.

    An Island of Colorblindness

  • The treatment cured younger canines regardless of the mutation that caused their achromatopsia, the researchers said, noting the gene therapy was effective for the 33 months of the study and most likely is permanent.

    The Money Times

  • The results represent the second successful cone-directed gene replacement therapy in achromatopsia animal models and the first outside of mouse models.

    The Money Times

  • The veterinary ophthalmology researchers said the disorder -- called congenital achromatopsia or rod monochromacy -- is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder with an estimated prevalence in human beings of about 1 in 50,000.

    The Money Times


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  • In <i>On the Move</i>, Oliver Sacks refers to people with achromatopsia as "achromatopes." Wikipedia entry on achromatopsia calls the "achromats."

    October 10, 2015

  • He looked up; the sky was deep in stars. He'd forgotten how many there could be. Washes of them, spilling in streams. He'd forgotten how rich darkness looked. He could see, but poorly, without color, plunged into achromatopsia. Both of the achromats he'd interviewed had raged against the very words, red, yellow, blue.

    --Richard Powers, 2007, The Echo Maker, p. 306

    November 7, 2008