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  • adj. Less common comparative form of acute: more acute


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  • Similarly, the 22 month-long oil scarcity in Nepal has now got far acuter than ever before.

    Nepal Government Missing?

  • The reason is clear: they do not spend their resources on lessening human pain but making it further acuter.

    South Asian Perspectives on Global Terrorism

  • Now the oil shortage has become far acuter than it was 22 months ago.

    Nepal under regressive mafia rule

  • But of this the great majority have no feeling, but are merely hireling and professorial; except when it occasionally happens that some workman of acuter wit and covetous of honor applies himself to a new invention, which he mostly does at the expense of his fortunes.

    The New Organon

  • But were our senses altered, and made much quicker and acuter, the appearance and outward scheme of things would have quite another face to us; and, I am apt to think, would be inconsistent with our being, or at least well-being, in this part of the universe which we inhabit.

    God, Aids & Circumcision

  • "Wait a bit," said the acuter intelligence of Jemmy Vetch.

    For the term of his natural life

  • Adeline had no retrospect of past delight to give emphasis to present calamity — no weeping friends — no dear regretted objects to point the edge of sorrow, and throw a sickly hue upon her future prospects: she knew not yet the pangs of disappointed hope, or the acuter sting of self-accusation; she had no misery, but what patience could assuage, or fortitude overcome.

    The Romance of the Forest

  • How one should solve this, is clear: for the word does not mean the same when spoken with an acuter and when spoken with a graver accent.

    On Sophistical Refutations

  • For they solve the difficulty by a change of accent, pronouncing the ou with an acuter accent.

    On Sophistical Refutations

  • And under her sense of the collective indifference came the acuter pang of hopes deceived.

    The House of Mirth


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