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  • v. To take a sum.
  • v. To accumulate; to amount to.
  • v. To make sense; to be reasonable or consistent.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. add up in number or quantity
  • v. develop into
  • v. determine the sum of
  • v. be reasonable or logical or comprehensible


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  •       It did not add up in Sonora's head, how one human being could lose that much blood and still have the strength to scream like that.

    The Debt Collector

  • Those little, positive steps add up to a a whole new lifestyle—an ALTERed lifestyle.

    Thin, Rich and Happy

  • Each individual study might have been, in the words of Vanderbilt Department of Preventive Medicine chair William Schaffner, “imperfect,” but together they formed “a whole mosaic of studies . . . that all add up to this theme: thimerosal is not the culprit.”

    The Panic Virus

  • Roman could sit down there in his office all day sifting through the final crewer questionnaires if he wanted to, but there was no way in hell that the results could add up to anything other than total failure.


  • Simply add up your total estimated taxable income for the quarter or the year from all sources—your job, investments, retirement, or small business—divide the total taxable income by 12, and have a total of 28% or your tax-bracket amount withheld from your job paycheck.


  • Unless the Spirit of Jesus empowers and protects us, all our attempts at righteousness will add up to just a heap of filthy rags.

    The Courage To Be Christian

  • When you consider that a typical breadbasket might include four to eight servings, the numbers add up quickly.

    The Flex Diet

  • Ten-dollar blackjack bets are pretty safe, and wins can add up quickly.


  • To the Moderator, considering what Halet would have told him, it must add up to the grim possibility that the young lunatic he was talking to had let her three-quarters-grown crest cat slaughter her aunt and the two men when they caught up with her!

    The Complete Federation Of The Hub

  • Using the rough rule of thumb that one gets about a tenth of whatever you put into the boiler out as distillate, 3,000 gallons means this operation was producing 300 gallons of alcohol at a time, which would add up to 600 gallons of 100-proof white lightning.



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