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  • adj. stupid and confused or muddled


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  • They will also be confounded by the extent to which the Lizard King comes off as an addlebrained, self-important bore away from the studio or stage.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • With such an addlebrained--or, to drop the analogy completely, brainless--sorting mechanism choosing which variations succeed or fail, it is no surprise that the evolutionary history of a given structure cannot be determined by analyzing its current manifestation.

    The Debate Over Intelligent Design

  • She seems to be beaming in from some universe of her own devising, so far inside her character's addlebrained confusion that everything she says often in a slightly slurred accent that suggests George Jessel is funny.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • When the card companies describe their targets as subprime customers, the people they're referring to are your near-senile grandmother, your addlebrained teenager and your slow cousin Ed. It isn't people with Ph.D. s who were falling into the snare of two-cycle billing and retroactive interest increases.

    Credit-Card Cos. Deserve Regulation

  • She would never in a million years admit it to her mother, but she was also worried that she was slowly becoming one of those addlebrained old spinster cat ladies.

    Loving the Highlander

  • But an item from today's The Page helped me to remember that I had deemed Halperin to be worthless not merely on the strength of his constant, addlebrained photoshops, but also because of his knack for taking in the news of the day, missing the nuance, vomiting conventional wisdom in every direction and, ultimately, getting the story precisely wrong.

    The Full Feed from

  • So, the next time a politician or political party complains about activist judges, you’re simply hearing an epithet used by the addlebrained for a ruling they don’t like.

    Exposing the myth of so-called activist judges « A Progressive on the Prairie

  • You’re not even thirty yet, and you’re already becoming one of those addlebrained old spinster cat ladies.

    Loving the Highlander


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