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  • n. The act of adducing or bringing forward.
  • n. The action by which the parts of the body are drawn towards its axis; -- opposed to abduction.

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  • n. The act of adducing or bringing forward.
  • n. The action by which the parts of the body are drawn towards its axis]; -- opposed to abduction.

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  • n. The act of adducing or bringing forward something as evidence in support of a contention or an argument.
  • n. In physiology, the action of the adductor or adducent muscles.
  • n. In surgery, the adducent action of a surgeon upon a limb or other member of the body; the position of a part which is the result of such action: the opposite of abduction.

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  • n. (physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body


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Compare French adduction. See adduce.


  • The condition is characterized by aqueductal stenosis, severe mental retardation and in half of the affected children, an adduction thumb deformity.


  • Pain with flexion, internal rotation and adduction (impingement position) is present in the majority of athletes with this condition.

    New Treatments for Hip Pain

  • For the lower extremity, exercises like squats, lunges, leg press, leg extension, leg curls, hip adduction/abduction, and calf raises are essential.

    VeloNews Training Center: Is strength training for cycling a good idea?

  • WYNTER: Japan hasn't signed Hague convention laws on child adduction.

    CNN Transcript Sep 30, 2009

  • The vastus medialis obliquus (VMO), a teardroplike muscle on the inside of your thigh, works together with the flashier VL (vastus lateralis muscle) on the outside to hold the patella in place as the joint bends, so I take advantage of the thigh adduction and abduction machines, and my physical therapist showed me how to set the hip machine for a slow, careful quad workout.

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  • Trying to liken video game obsession, if you will, with a real adduction such as alcoholism or even being a shopaholic, for example.

    CNN Transcript Jun 26, 2007

  • March 7, 2006, 4: 41 am enter 2005 wsop says: enter 2005wsop patenting prelate finals adduction tension. rounds

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Length of Law Review Articles:

  • June 20, 2006, 4: 35 am texasholdem internet free practice says: texasholdem internet free practice squeezer controllability pantheism adduction anatomical

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  • He went voluntarily and of his own accord to the garden; which answered the adduction or bringing of the beast to be sacrificed unto the door of the tabernacle, according to the law: for there he did not only give up himself into the hands of those who were to shed his blood, but also actually entered upon the offering up of himself unto


  • During extensive discussion, it was emphasized that an appeal could not be brought before the Board against the lay-off of a worker necessitated by a reduction in force for economic reasons, but, on the other hand, that the adduction of substantial evidence indicating that a dismissal for cause had been misrepresented as a lay-off would justify an immediate appeal to the administrative head of the College, and subsequently to the

    Board of Visitors minutes


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