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  • n. A heat-resistant shell that protects a spacecraft during travel through an atmosphere


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  • It would be launched from Earth - probably atop a Delta II rocket stack - and fly to Mars packaged in an "aeroshell" re-entry capsule.

    The Register

  • X-33 (the Venturestar version) was doomed to failure as an SSTO because of all the structural penalties they paid with side-by-side-tank/aeroshell concept that they adopted.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • MER could do no calibration of the cameras in cruise other than dark current, since they were all wrapped up in the dark inside the aeroshell.

    NASA ESMD PAO Statement Regarding Release of LRO Imagery - NASA Watch

  • Wearing hard hats and crouching in bunkers before every shot, Gavit and her team figured out which aeroshell shape could protect the instruments inside from a force of 60,000 G's.

    The Search For Life

  • First stop: the "aeroshell braking" department, the people who can make a spaceship that slows itself down by skimming along the Martian atmosphere.

    Traveling Sharks

  • Beginning just after the aeroshell is jettisoned at an altitude of about 5 miles, MARDI will acquire a series of wide-angle, color images of the landing site all the way down to the surface.

    NASA Watch: Space Science News: July 2007 Archives

  • Editor's note: Let's see Robert: the UK couldn't manage to land a simple aeroshell on Mars equipped with a simple robotic arm.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: January 2004 Archives

  • On arrival at Mars, the ERV/habitat payload would ride behind an aeroshell—a blunt, mushroom-shaped shield—and decelerate as it plowed through the Martian atmosphere.

    The Case for Mars

  • Such a maneuver would require flying the ascent vehicle through a hypersonic shock wave to the rear of the aeroshell, and then turning it around in midair to shift its engines from a deceleration to acceleration orientation!

    The Case for Mars

  • However, the combined ERV/habitat payload was so heavy that it was questionable whether even a folding aeroshell big enough for the job could be made to fit inside the Shuttle Z payload fairing.

    The Case for Mars


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