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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of anathematize.


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  • The only time that ritual bodily cutting, otherwise anathematized, is not only allowed but enjoined in Judaism is ritual circumcision (berit milah), performed as a sign of covenant with God (significantly, on the male organ).

    Ritual in the United States.

  • As an educated, professional Jewish woman and a left-wing political activist, Frankenthal fit every anathematized category in Nazi-dominated Europe.

    K��te Frankenthal.

  • And if she cannot destroy him this time, and he gets the nomination, she will have so anathematized him with a segment of voters that McCain will beat him, and she gets to say "told you so" and run again in 2012.

    In Letter, Top Clinton Donors Chastise Pelosi For Statements About Super-Delegates

  • Although I consider myself somewhat of an Augustinian Catholic which got me anathematized by Aster in an earlier thread - ...

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2009 – January – 05

  • Although I consider myself somewhat of an Augustinian Catholic which got me anathematized by Aster in an earlier thread - quoting Augustine is SO not the way to impress me.

    In which commentary becomes copy-and-paste

  • Historically, the former systematically anathematized and later silence any who dared to disagree with their doctrines.

    In which commentary becomes copy-and-paste

  • Two years before she was anathematized in 1992 for desecrating a papal portrait on live television, the singer Sinead O'Connor recorded a requiem that haunts from the opening line: "I am stretched on your grave/And would lie there forever."

    Portfolio of Eloquence

  • He claims that these nationalists, such as the iconic Irish politician of the 20th century, Éamon de Valera, ignored the fact that Ireland had "little consciousness of itself as a nation before the nineteenth century" and simply dredged up Celtic mythology to create "a narrow and destructive nationalism" that anathematized all things Anglo.

    Behind the Green Veil

  • The resultant atmosphere of zealous, self-righteous piety smacks of the same sort of religious-based fundamentalism that is derided and anathematized when proclaimed by radical Islamists, to offer but one example.

    American Exceptionalism

  • The day after those decisions were handed down, I. Lewis Libby was sentenced by Judge Reggie B. Walton to serve a prison sentence of 30 months for obstructing justice and lying to a grand jury about his role in "outing" a CIA agent anathematized by the vice president.

    David Bromwich: The Day the Laws Came Back


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  • I'm not so sure about this one. Perhaps "anathemize"?

    January 26, 2007