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  • n. Either of two small primates, of the genus Arctocebus, similar to lemurs

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  • n. A small lemuroid mammal (Arctocebus Calabarensis) of Africa. It has only a rudimentary tail.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The slow lemur of Old Calabar, Arctocebus calabarensis, of the subfamily Nycticebin√¶, related to the potto, and by some referred to the genus Perodicticus.

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  • n. a kind of lemur


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  • The northwestern limit of the ecoregion is the Sanaga River, a faunal boundary for such species as the golden angwantibo (Arctocebus aureus), white-bellied duiker (Cephalophus leucogaster), mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx), and elegant needle-clawed galago (Euoticus elegantus).

    Northwestern Congolian lowland forests


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  • Found this spelling when I was entering a usage note for awantibo, which is the spelling that appears in the novel I was reading... but this spelling came up elsewhere, so I wonder if it was actually a typo, or possibly an older spelling...? Anyway... there's a usage note and some links on potto and awantibo. I can hardly believe I've lived this long and never heard of this animal before today.

    March 18, 2008