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  • n. A small buffalo (Bubalus or Anoa depressicornis) of Celebes and the Philippines, having short pointed horns.

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  • n. A small Indonesian water buffalo, similar in appearance to a deer.

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  • n. A small wild ox of Celebes (Anoa depressicornis), allied to the buffalo, but having long nearly straight horns.

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  • n. [NL.] A genus of bovine ruminant quadrupeds of Celebes, originally taken for antelopes (see anoine), represented by the sapi-outan or “cow of the woods,” Anoa depressicornis, which is a kind of small wild buffalo, having straight low horns, thick at the base and set in line with the forehead.
  • n. [lowercase] The English name of the same animal.

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  • n. small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Native word in Sulawesi.


  • Same with "anoa," which is a pygmy buffalo found in Indonesia.

    The Seattle Times

  • Two species of anoas, or dwarf buffaloes, are endemic to the forests of Sulawesi: the lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis, EN) and the mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi, EN).

    Biological diversity in Wallacea

  • These endemic species include the endangered mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi) and crested macaque (Macaca nigra) and the vulnerable babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) and Sulawesi montane long-nosed squirrel (Hyosciurus heinrichi).

    Sulawesi montane rain forests

  • Hunters set fires to facilitate hunting of anoa, creating montane meadows.

    Sulawesi montane rain forests

  • The crested macaque, moor macacque, and lowland anoa are considered endangered.

    Sulawesi lowland rain forests

  • But the study expanded to include other possibly useful but obscure bovines of Asia: the madura (a hybrid between banteng and cattle), gaur, mithan, kouprey, anoa, tamaraw, yak, and yakows-hybrids formed by crossing yaks with cattle.

    Chapter 3

  • The lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis) and the mountain anoa

    6 Wild Banteng

  • Although the young are thickly covered with yellowish-brown woolly hair, the mountain anoa adults tend to have curly hair, while lowland anoa have straight hair or are hairless.

    6 Wild Banteng

  • The mountain anoa is smaller than its lowland counterpart.

    6 Wild Banteng

  • Most of the northern, eastern, and southeastern peninsulas and the central area of Sulawesi are still forested and have anoa populations, and there are several large nature reserves to protect them.

    6 Wild Banteng


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