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  • n. The eating of human flesh; cannibalism.

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  • n. The eating of human flesh; cannibalism.

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  • n. The eating of men; the act or practice of eating human flesh; cannibalism.

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  • n. human cannibalism; the eating of human flesh


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From anthropo- + -phagy.


  • This is called anthropophagy or cannibalism, and is a time-honored custom among some of the tribes of Africa.

    Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

  • There's an easier word for "anthropophagy," but the practice is every bit as disgusting whatever it's called, right? - Current Articles

  • The distinctive cultural trace of Brazil is anthropophagy -- from culture to technology, the legacy of a former, lazy European monarchy in a tropical country where the aborigines, after banqueting over the odd whitey, were merrily exterminated while Europeans and black slaves copulated freely, with no Catholic guilt involved (there's no sin below the Equator).

    Pepe Escobar: Is Brazil the New United States?

  • The intermingling performed by the act of anthropophagy, and the intersection of the past and present that occurs in the building of cultural identity, suggests that the time of this “meal” is, to borrow a phrase, “out of joint.”

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Western European “explorers” annihilated millions of indigenous people in the “New World” under the pretext that they practiced anthropophagy and were better off dead or enslaved than they were living in their natural “uncivilized” state.

    Flesh, flesh everywhere, Nor any morsel to eat...

  • We need you to lead the courageous charge against these anti-Irish, pro-anthropophagy institutions!

    Is Rush Limbaugh really that hard to understand?

  • Good grief, just how much household anthropophagy has been going on while we've been discussing the war in Iraq and the weather?

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Odyssey at a distance of some six centuries; and in the interval it is extremely likely that anthropophagy had become rarer among the Greeks, and that if they still continued to be cooking animals, they were relinquishing the practice of cooking one another.

    Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine

  • It seems that Bourrie obtained from a Library of Parliament clipping service a somewhat unflattering column about Kinsella by that master of anthropophagy, Jan Wong.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • And furthermore, nothing would be immoral then, everything would be permitted, even anthropophagy.

    The God Delusion


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  • "'But, Stephen,' said Jack, glancing towards the wreck of the Norfolk, 'think what they must have been feeding on.'

    "'Never let us be missish, my dear: all earthly plants to some degree partake of the countless dead since Adam's time, and all the fishes of the sea share at first or second or hundredth hand in all the drowned. In any case,' he added, seeing Jack's look of distaste, 'sharks are very like robins, you know; they defend their territory with equal jealousy, and if we take ours over by the far channel no one will be able to reproach us with anthropophagy, even at one remove.'"

    —Patrick O'Brian, The Far Side of the World, 391

    February 23, 2008