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  • adj. Designed for attacking armored vehicles, such as tanks and armored personnel carriers.


anti- +‎ armor (Wiktionary)


  • The Predator is equipped with radar, infrared cameras, and two laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire antiarmor missiles.

    What Women Want

  • Each crate contained multiple M72 LAW antiarmor weapons.

    American Assassin

  • The Soviet Army was also in midproduction of its first rocket-propelled grenade, the RPG-2, an antiarmor weapon based on a Nazi-era German pattern.

    The Gun

  • Rebuilding Georgia's security forces is part of it with heavy emphasis on "antiaircraft and antiarmor systems necessary to deter any renewed Russian aggression."

    Stoking Tensions, Risking Confrontation: A High Stakes US Gamble with Russia

  • Specifically, the Georgian military should be given the antiaircraft and antiarmor systems necessary to deter any renewed Russian aggression.

    Europe's New Dividing Line?

  • Infantry squads can supplement the antiarmor fires of the tanks and BFVs with Javelin missiles, which have a maximum range of 2,000 meters.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 4 Defensive Operations

  • To prepare for an engagement in a wooded area where engagement ranges are extremely short, an antiarmor specialist might dismount with an AT4 instead of a Javelin.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 2 Battle Command

  • It can employ cannon fire to fix, suppress, or substantially limit the movement of tanks, fighting vehicles, and antiarmor systems at a range of up to 2,500 meters.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Volley fire is also employed to negate the low probability of hit and kill of certain antiarmor weapons.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 2 Battle Command

  • Prevent effective enemy antiarmor fires against the task force as it passes through the choke point.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 2 Battle Command


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