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  • adj. Destroying or inhibiting the growth of fungi.

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  • adj. That inhibits the growth of fungi; antimycotic
  • n. A drug that inhibits the growth of fungi

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  • n. any agent that destroys or prevents the growth of fungi
  • adj. capable of destroying fungi


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anti- +‎ fungal


  • Lamisil is an antifungal, which is needed where skin gets moist and warm.

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  • All the benefits and uses of what is normally called compost these days (such as antifungal teas and such like) are greatly magnified and enhanced by using true colloidal humus compost that you can easily make for yourself.


  • The pharmaceuticals giant will also end research of Mycograb, an antifungal agent, which will trigger a $360 million loss.

    Novartis Cites Discontinued Drugs for Charge

  • "The discontinuation of the development is smart as it comes at the right stage, giving the market clarity over the company's pipeline," said Michael Nawrath, analyst at Z ü rcher Kantonalbank, adding that sales potential of both drugs was somewhat limited as both the antifungal and hepatitis C market are crowded.

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  • He is being given five different antibiotics and an antifungal to keep whatever infection is still quietly brewing from overwhelming his fragile immune system.

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  • Can any scientist really explain what Frankenstein compound is created when you mix endocrine disruptors like phthalates (from your body lotion) with antifungal preservatives like Methylparaben (from your blush) with toluene (from nail polish) and add a dash of Stearalkonium Chloride (from hairspray)?

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  • The cosmetics industry argues that these nasty substances are used sparingly -- usually as preservatives or antifungal agents -- in sufficiently small doses they don't think they cause us harm.

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  • They worked together to understand an enzyme Chappell discovered in tobacco plants that gets them to produce an antifungal compound.

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  • Nystatin (brand name: MYCOSTATIN), an antifungal medication used to prevent thrush (a fungal infection that causes white patches in the mouth), is taken four times a day.

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  • Once isolated and identified, antibiotic susceptibility testing is performed on bacteria and antifungal susceptibility testing on yeast.

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