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  • n. appraisal

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The act of setting the value; valuation by an appraiser; estimation of worth.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of setting a value upon, under some authority or appointment; appraisal. It generally implies resort to the judgment of a disinterested person.
  • n. The rate at which a thing is valued; the value fixed, or valuation; estimation generally.


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  • But while the large number of people are the masters so far as immediate appraisement is concerned, a different and small number of people make the ultimate appraisement.

    Again the Literary Aspirant

  • Then she glanced about her again with a kind of appraisement, which ended with Alicia and embraced her.

    Hilda A Story of Calcutta

  • It was a noble situation — noble as the ancient hau tree, the size of a house, where she sat as if in a house, so spaciously and comfortably house-like was its shade furnished; noble as the lawn that stretched away landward its plush of green at an appraisement of two hundred dollars a front foot to a bungalow equally dignified, noble, and costly.


  • Came the day when all mists and cob-webs dissolved, when he found his brain clear as a bell, and took just appraisement of his body's weakness.


  • He saw the head and face of a young fellow of twenty, but, being unused to such appraisement, he did not know how to value it.

    Chapter 4

  • What is true of pursuit cannot be true of possession, no more than the child, grasping the bright ball, can deem it the most wonderful thing in the world an appraisement which it certainly made when the ball was beyond reach.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • This latter had necessitated the payment of numerous dollars, to say nothing of a demonstration in force -- Dick Humphries squinting along the sights of a Winchester while Tommy apportioned their wages among them at his own appraisement.


  • Chinese population has depressed the market and driven all such things out - hence the best valuation I can now set upon them is the appraisement value made by the French [gap word illegible] with a view to taxation.

    Letter from Young John Allen to Dr Lehon,1868?

  • As Amintore Fanfani relates in Catholicism, Protestantism and Capitalism: “Another difference between the mentality of the pre-capitalist and that of the capitalist is this: the former considers that appraisement of value in the economic sphere should be governed by moral criteria; the latter would make the economic criterion the sole norm of such appraisements” emphasis mine.

    The Distributivism of Hilaire Belloc

  • I was obliged to stay till this afternoon, to settle several necessary matters, and to direct inventories to be taken, in order for appraisement; for every thing is to be turned into money, by his will.

    Clarissa Harlowe


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