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  • v. Past participle of go1.
  • adj. Being away from a place; absent or having departed.
  • adj. Past; bygone.
  • adj. Advanced beyond hope or recall.
  • adj. Dying or dead.
  • adj. Ruined; lost: a gone cause.
  • adj. Carried away; absorbed.
  • adj. Used up; exhausted.
  • adj. Slang Infatuated: gone on his sweetheart.
  • adj. Slang Pregnant: is five months gone.

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  • v. Past participle of go
  • adj. Away, having left.
  • adj. No longer part of the present situation.
  • adj. No longer existing, having passed.
  • adj. Used up.
  • adj. Dead.
  • adj. Intoxicated to the point of being unaware of one's surroundings
  • adj. Excellent; wonderful.
  • adj. Ago (used post-positionally).
  • prep. Past, after, later than (a time).

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • p. p. of go.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Lapsed; lost; hopeless; beyond recovery: in a gone case and similar phrases.
  • Characterized by a sinking sensation, as if about to faint; weak and faint: as, a gone feeling.
  • In archery, wide of the mark or beyond bounds: said of an arrow.

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  • adj. destroyed or killed
  • adj. no longer retained
  • adj. well in the past; former
  • adj. dead


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  • When he was gone, the realization that he was *gone* was mind-blowing and devastating.

    Another View of Distance...

  • On further inquiry, the man stated that since the cat came _down the tree_, it was a sign that his brother had gone down to hell; but had the cat _gone up the tree_, it would have shown that he had gone up to heaven.

    Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales

  • “Edgar is gone, ” said the mother, with head half bowed, —“gone to work in Nashville; he and his father couldn’t agree.

    IV. Of the Meaning of Progress.

  • Certain things in me are gone -- _gone_ -- and instead there is a fire -- something driving, tormenting -- which must burn its way out.


  • Like with domain names, once a desired username is gone … it is gone*.

    The Invent Blog®

  • Coz in a way, i scared my other choices for this year de application in NTU might be successful instead of my first choice and if this happens, i wanna be able to go to the course which i was reserved in NUS. no wont be gone but u would have to reject one of them if both get thru yes. will be gone~ Serious, anyone had this form of experience? no wont be gone but u would have to reject one of them if both get thru Seriously bro?

  • I am full of suspicion, and, therefore, listen to nothing; I am in a hurry to be gone’.59 We approach the great masters and the great things of the world when they are a little difficult to us in just this spirit: we listen to nothing, we are in a hurry to be gone.

    Later Articles and Reviews

  • Get you gone, baggage! get you _gone_! "he repeated, with a stamp; for a knock at the hall-door made her instantaneous disappearance indispensable.

    Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle

  • Well, long after the campaign (but still campaigning like another election is tomorrow) and after one quarter of his term gone by, there seems to be a "Surge" in his plan and more rhetoric on "the end" of wars.


  • She vented about what she called the gone-on-too-long Iraq war, a sluggish economy, the bungled Hurricane Katrina response and a continuing terrorism threat…

    Think Progress » President Bush is “ticked off big-time”


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  • "Mr Hicks who was the officer ashore did all in his power to entice them to him by offering them presents &c but it was to no purpose, all they seem’d to want was for us to be gone."

    - Captain Cook, Journals. On first contact with the natives of New Holland (Australia).

    February 5, 2008