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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of elapse.

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  • adjective (of time) having passed or slipped by


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  • i = 0 fi done; end = ` date +%s ` elapsed = ` expr $end - $start ` if [$elapsed - lt $min_iteration]; then sleep ` expr $min_iteration - $elapsed ` fi done;

    Development Seed - Technological Solutions for Progressive Organizations

  • Almost two years elapsed from the day I sent in my request to the day I received by word.

    PhotoHunter: Words « Mudpuddle

  • Of course, since the time elapsed is so short, it might be easier to simply say "let's meet in an hour".

    Every Time Zone Makes Elegant Sense Of International Time | Lifehacker Australia

  • No more than five or six minutes elapsed from the time the police were alerted to the possibility of a break-in at a home in a quiet residential neighborhood and the awful clamping of handcuffs on the wrists of the distinguished Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

    August 9th, 2009

  • Almost two years elapsed from the day I sent in my request to the day I received by word.

    2009 October 03 « Mudpuddle

  • Mr. Tandja, in the face of public resistance, had extended his rule after his second five-year term elapsed in December, by pushing through a referendum that extended his term and made him eligible for a third.

    Mediator Seeks 'New Start' After Niger Coup

  • The flight from Mexico City to Veracruz is only an hour, but by the time you wait at the airport, the difference in elapsed time is probably not much.

    Discount Airlines? Interjet?

  • Every date expressed in long count terms contained five numerals, that is, the number of baktuns, katuns, tuns, uinals and kins elapsed from the "beginning of time", according to the Maya system.

    The Maya Civilization, Maya Numerals And Calendar

  • They held office for more than 75 per cent of the time that elapsed from the rise of Sir Wilfrid to the retirement of Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada was the most successful national political party in the democratic world.

    The Changing Political Face of Canada

  • Under the assumption of uniform geological process rates Darwin estimated that ~300-million years had elapsed from the base of the Cambrian to the present.

    Dawkins on the OOL


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