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  • adjective of or pertaining to an arteriole.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to an arteriole

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  • adjective of or relating to or involving arterioles


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  • Abeta1-40 diminished arteriolar myogenic response, and an anti-Abeta antibody reduced Abeta1-40 induced arteriolar constriction.

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  • Once insoluble Abeta deposits are present, arteriolar reactivity is greatly diminished.

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  • The same risk factors fit for those with arteriolar aneurysms and peripheral vascular disease.

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  • It is sometimes painful. idiopathic paroxysmal bilateral cyanosis of the digits due to arterial and arteriolar contraction; caused by cold or emotion.

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  • Hollenberg SM, Cunnion RE, Zimmerberg J. Nitric oxide synthase inhibition reverses arteriolar hyporesponsiveness to catecholamines in septic rats.

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  • As a result, arteriolar sphincters constrict, diminishing the blood flow and further lowering tissue temperature.

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  • [20] Grade 1 consisted of 'mild' generalized retinal arteriolar narrowing; Grade 2 consisted of 'more severe' generalized narrowing, focal areas of arteriolar narrowing and arteriovenous nicking; Grade 3 consisted of grades 1 and 2 signs plus the presence of retinal haemorrhages, microaneurysms, hard exudates and cotton-wool spots;

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  • Another hypothesis suggests that the defect is extensive arteriolar endothelial damage which leads to subsequent platelet activation, adherence, occlusion, and fibrin strand formation ultimately producing thrombocytopenia and microangiopathic hemolysis.

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  • Slide 28:  Spinal anesthesia during surgery  Early phase of traumatic paraplegia  Loss of vasomotor tone-arteriolar and venular dilatation  Bradycardia  Iv fluids, leg end elevation and ionotropic support.

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  • In the nervous functional system, the phenomenon of ischemia-revascularization secondary to arteriolar vasomotor activity which involves vasoconstriction and vasodilatation would produce interstitial edema and permit selective cellular nutrition by diffusion.

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