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  • adj. Of or pertaining to extremely small blood vessels


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micro- +‎ vascular


  • Limited benefits were observed in patients ages 15-24yrs - likely due to limited CGM use in some patients  CGM group age 8-14 yrs had significant improvements across many measures of glycemic control  Twice as many reduced A1c by 10\%, which reduces risk of long-term microvascular complications by about 40\%  Increased time wearing CGM was associated with better outcomes in all three age groups 22

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  • Lead author was Dr. Jannetta, who is known for his work developing the surgery, called microvascular decompression, which is used for such debilitating cranial nerve diseases as vertigo and spasmodic torticollis, a movement disorder. - News

  • This is a form of chest pain called microvascular angina -- a puzzling condition that defies most tests and may plague millions of Americans. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The procedure is called microvascular decompression.

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  • To move to the higher Level I designation, both UMCB and Dell Childrens have been increasing their trauma research and education activities as well as adding certain special procedures such as microvascular surgery and digit/limb reattachment. - Articles related to Universal Technical Institute offers new $45K scholarship program

  • Focus on blood sugar control, keeping your HbA1c level below 7.0, is likely to reduce the risk of the "microvascular" complications of diabetes, such as kidney failure, painful nerve problems and decreased vision or even blindness.

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  • "In some women, plaque can build in the smallest blood vessels called the microvascular circulation. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Every year our board-certified surgeons perform approximately 300 procedures including microvascular surgery and replantation.

    Hand clinic: treatment of deformities, conditions, injuries

  • Specialists who suspect microvascular disease prescribe medications designed to make blood vessels relax and blood flow a bit better, while also intensively treating the woman's other cardiac risk factors.

    Heart disease, No. 1 killer, can sneak up on women

  • But here's one problem: Even if a test of major heart arteries finds no blockages, at-risk women still can have a serious problem — something called coronary microvascular disease that's less common in men.

    Heart disease, No. 1 killer, can sneak up on women


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