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  • noun Any of several chiefly Mediterranean plants of the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus, having linear leaves and elongate clusters of white, pink, or yellow flowers.
  • noun Any of several other plants, such as the bog asphodel.
  • noun In Greek poetry and mythology, the flowers of Hades and the dead, sacred to Persephone.
  • noun In early English and French poetry, the daffodil.

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  • noun A name of various species of Asphodelus, a genus of plants, natural order Liliaceæ, natives of southern Europe.

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  • noun (Bot.) A general name for a plant of the genus Asphodelus. The asphodels are hardy perennial plants, several species of which are cultivated for the beauty of their flowers.

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  • noun botany Flowering plants of the Asphodelaceae family, especially Asphodelus ramosus and Asphodelus albus; the flowers of these plants.
  • noun mythology The flower said to carpet Hades, and a favorite food of the dead.

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  • noun any of various chiefly Mediterranean plants of the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus having linear leaves and racemes of white or pink or yellow flowers


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Latin asphodelus, from Greek asphodelos.

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From Ancient Greek ἀσφόδελος (asphodelos).


  • Two green hairstreak butterflies, gracefully viridescent, dance past on a soft wind that sifts through reeds, sets waving the tall golden flower stems of bog asphodel, and silky white plumes of cottongrass that has colonised the old peat-diggings.

    Country diary: Tregaron, Ceredigon

  • How do we appraise an illuminated manuscript from a 15th-century book of hours, the translucent skin of a lady's portrait from 1610 on a three-inch oval of vellum, the stems of an asphodel curling across the page in a botanical illustration from 1747 that dimly presages the all-over aesthetic of action painting?

    Medium is message at Tate Britain 'Watercolour' show

  • The margins of the loch were a riot of colour – the bright yellow of the bog asphodel contrasting with the red, greens and yellows of the sphagnum mosses.

    Country diary: Loch Bran

  • This harks back to my aptly named post Death and daffodils where I explored a possible native etymology of ἀσφοδελός 'the netherworld asphodel meadow' effectively meaning 'the meadow (ἕλος) not (ἀ-) reduced to ashes (σποδός) or 'unashen meadow'.

    Thoughts on the etymology of Greek ἀκακαλίς

  • After a while the mist cleared and the group came upon fields of asphodel.


  • Where I come from almost nothing grows—except asphodel.


  • So what if asphodel was the only flower that bloomed here?


  • As soon as she arrived, the dogs began to frolic together in the park nearby, traipsing through fields of asphodel, irises, and ferns.

    Artemis the Brave

  • And think not that the felicity of the heroes and demigods in the Elysian fields consisteth either in their asphodel, ambrosia, or nectar, as our old women here used to say; but in this, according to my judgment, that they wipe their tails with the neck of a goose, holding her head betwixt their legs, and such is the opinion of Master John of Scotland, alias Scotus.

    It’s a bum wrap « Anglican Samizdat

  • Shade, Demeter mother of asphodel weeping dew, her daughter stored in salty caverns under white snow, black hail, grey winter rain or Polar ice, immemor

    Allen Ginsberg


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  • This word was used in the first Harry Potter movie.

    June 12, 2012

  • Honeysuckle! And now

    there comes the buzzing of a bee!

    and a whole flood

    of sister memories!

    Only give me time,

    time to recall them

    before I shall speak out.

    Give me time,


    When I was a boy

    I kept a book

    to which, from time

    to time,

    I added pressed flowers

    until, after a time,

    I had a good collection.

    The asphodel,


    among them.

    I bring you,


    a memory of those flowers.

    They were sweet

    when I pressed them

    and retained

    something of their sweetness

    a long time.

    From "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower" by William Carlos Williams

    June 26, 2011