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  • On the loose; roaming freely; not confined.
  • In full, fully.
  • In general; as a whole.
  • Having an electorate across multiple districts.

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  • prep.
  • adj. Diffusely; fully; in the full extent.

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  • adj. having escaped, especially from confinement
  • adv. in a general fashion


From Old French au large ("at liberty and other senses") (Wiktionary)


  • The people at large view every object only as it may furnish puns and bon mots; and I pronounce that a good punster would disarm the whole nation were they ever so seriously disposed to revolt.


  • As long as Geronimo was at large the danger from hos - tile Indians was real, but it was chiefly confined to the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico from which retreat across the Bor - der, out of reach of the United States troops, was easy.

    Manuscript Draft: Walter Reed: Doctor in Uniform, by Laura Wood, [19 -- ]

  • No one, unless, perhaps Ah Foo, who was grandfather at large to all the little pig-tailed celestials in Chinatown.

    The Conversion of Ah Lew Sing

  • Hob Mars, who had briefly paid poorly received court to Ada, announced as if speaking to the room at large that he had celebrated the Savior's birth every night for a week.

    Cold Mountain

  • George Augustus Robinson was back on mainland Tasmania during most of the early 1830s, making further expeditions to gather up those Aborigines who remained at large and becoming famed for his efforts as “The Conciliator.”

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Field reps at large firms often exist almost in a different universe from their office-bound peers.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • But to the nation at large William was simply as Hubba, Swegen, and Cnut in past times.

    William the Conqueror

  • 'And you know, Fan, I can't write for the world at large anecdotes of missionary life, and swell the number of the "Gems" and other trashy books.

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • The total number of M. fascicularis at large on Mauritius today, and the resilience of the population, are unimaginable.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • It took only a second to realise its significance: the Admiralty's suspicion that a pocket battleship was at large might now be confirmed, although the raider that had sunk the Clement could be merely an armed merchant ship.

    Graf Spee


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