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  • n. Anything whatsoever, as a ruling, by the judge of a lower court in a matter pending an appeal.


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From either French attentat or German Attentat.


  • Thu, Jan 12, 2006 wie handyvideos die nachrichten veraendern bbc veroeffentlicht 22minuetiges video ueber den einfluss von handy-videos auf die nachrichten (zBsp.: london attentat). ich denke immer noch, dass die kamerafunktion unnoetig den geringen speicher meines foto-handys belegt .. aber heutzutage weiss ja …

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » BBC: How mobiles changed the face of news

  • J'ai pris pour défenseur Doulcet : un tel attentat ne permet nulle défense, c'est pour la forme.

    The last letter of Charlotte Corday

  • Although they are the ones who do the dirty work, the actual attentat, to other men, their superiors in class and station, the lasting benefits of their simple-minded evil have always accrued.

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2008 – May – 16

  • By the attentat she took the war and made it a private possession of the South Slavs.

    Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: Part V

  • Then, after the 20th July attentat, Popitz was arrested and Langbehn hauled out and sentenced.


  • In the weeks following the attentat he had developed and greatly expanded a system first introduced by the odious General Reinecke in 1943, of "National Socialist Leadership Officers," who were to be attached to regular units in the field and


  • Certainly this particular attempt, and its successors which emanated from that same headquarters, enjoyed none of the carefully planned supporting processes which were triggered off by the attentat of 20th July, 1944.


  • So now we come to the fateful month of July 1944, when the waters were rising along the whole periphery of the Nazi empire, where everywhere, in Speidel's words, "... the floodgates are creaking," to the day, the 20th, of the attentat; a climacteric in the history of the Third Reich of Hitler's relations with the Army, and of the rational direction of the German war effort.


  • But no sooner had Canaris and his colleagues left, with the plans for the Berlin end of the conspiracy perfected, as they thought, to dovetail with the projected attentat at Smolensk, than Kluge lost his nerve.


  • (In his radio address at midnight of 20th July, 1944, Hitler was to revert to this when he referred to the "attempted stab in the back ... as in Italy," and this comparative formula was adopted in all the loyal Orders of the Day that were drummed up from outlying commanders in the days following the attentat.)



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