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  • n. A rogue, ruffian, bad person, criminal, naughty one.

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  • n. Same as budmash.


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From Hindi बदमाश.


  • In those times when the Brits called anyone "badmash" they were really meaning peasant militants and "dacoit village" meant a community that was in a mood of resistance.

  • It was strange, though, to go back into Afghanistan again, with my escort - heaven knows where Yakub had got 'em from, but one look at their wolfish faces and well-stuffed cartridge belts reassured me that this was one party that no right-minded badmash would dream of attacking.

    The Sky Writer

  • "He was a badmash, * (* scoundrel) and well known," says she, wide-eyed.


  • They would break through the flimsy barrier which the defenders had thrown up, sabre a few sentries, create a hell of a row, and then withdraw in good order - leaving behind among the rubble one native badmash of unsavoury appearance, to wit, Colonel Flashman, late of the 17th Lancers and General Staff.


  • Now, no one in his right mind would have believed this fantastic history-unless, of course, he had himself been a German prince and a Pathan badmash and a Dahomey slaver and an Apache brave and a Madagascar Sergeant-General, among other things, during his checkered career.


  • Apparently in Hindi, “badmash” roughly translates into “naughty,” while “dishoom” is the onomatopoeic equivalent to “pow” or “bang.”

    NewTeeVee Endorses Amitabh Bachchan for Prime Minister

  • _There he is there the badmash oh look look it's a girl!

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • A small time _badmash_, a wannabe dataraja with a couple of specialist 2. 85s loaded onto a palmer.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • But I was too quick to turn again and flee; one of them must have seen me from the tail of his eye and realised that this vociferous badmash wasn't one of the gang, for he pulled up, yelling, and came after me.

    Flashman And The Mountain Of Light

  • And with all attention directed towards the death-struggle just up the road, no one was paying the least heed to the big Kabuli badmash scratching himself furtively outside the Commander-in-Chief's funkhole.

    Flashman And The Mountain Of Light


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  • thanks to this picturisation, the Hindi pronunciation now sounds funny, too.

    May 18, 2009