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  • noun A fabric filter; an air pollution control device that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation.


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bag +‎ house


  • They'll start by putting the simulated Mars regolith, which is called baghouse dust,

    Universe Today

  • The lead particles were filtered out by a "baghouse" fitted with 2,000 woolen bags, each 30 feet long, through which the dust-laden gases were blown.

    Cottrell, Frederick Gardner

  • TOXECON will make use of only one "baghouse," or emissions collection structure, for three small boilers, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the integrated system.

    U.S. Department of Energy - Press Releases

  • The smoke can be pumped through a "baghouse," which captures the particulates in mesh bags.


  • If you inject sorbents into the furnace, the efficiency is much lower and the products will be caught in the ash system baghouse of ESP.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Clean Air, Dirty Water

  • The same is true with the mill's baghouse, essentially a huge vacuum for pollutants.

    Fixed Costs Chafe at Steel Mills

  • In most of North America and Europe, coal fired stations have some sort of fly ash collection systems with removal efficiencies ranging from ~98% for electrostatic precipitators to over 99% for baghouse precipitators.

    RMS and Sulphate Emissions « Climate Audit

  • The facility also features a mercury emission control system, using activated carbon injection technology, and a high efficiency particulate collection system, using fabric filters baghouse to capture 99.9 per cent of particulate emissions.

  • Using the Columbia baghouse and scrubber as a proxy we would estimate the capital expenditures for this project to be approximately $350 million.

  • For example our post 2014 emission control plan includes installation of a scrubber and baghouse at Edgewater 5.


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  • a pollution control apparatus that removes particulates from air/gas released from commercial processes or combustion. Specifically, a large chamber or room housing bag filters (long, cylindrical bags or tubes made of woven or felted fabric) that filter gas streams from a furnace.

    January 23, 2013