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  • noun Horse-armor in general: usually in the plural. See bard, 1.

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  • verb Present participle of bard.


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  • A peculiar kind of verses is also current among them, by the recital of which, termed "barding," [27] they stimulate their courage; while the sound itself serves as an augury of the event of the impending combat.

    The Germany and the Agricola of Tacitus

  • Kellen realized with relief that this time, when he rode out with Shalkan, he'd be doing it with a proper saddle; the Master Armorer took Shalkan's measurements, and in a few moments, several sets of saddles and barding had been brought for Shalkan to choose from.

    Tran Siberian

  • I doubt his barding will be sufficient to withstand the cold steel of those whose voracious demands he is failing to satisfy.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • She rode a white mare in white leather barding, and she wore a long split surcoat stitched from the narrow skins of ermine with the heads left on, showing their pointed teeth and false eyes of onyx; the black-tipped tails hung like so many tassels.


  • It was a nominee for last year's Cybils in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi category, and filled with bad barding, crazy names, inept witches and cranky orcs, it captured our imaginations as a great first novel and--hopefully--a harbinger of more fun and funny fantasy from Mr. Anderson.

    The WritingYA Weblog: The WBBT, Day Four: John David Anderson

  • The people are poor, and Mason wants a different life than barding for people who haven't got an heroic bone in their bodies.

    The WritingYA Weblog: Quayles Guide to Adventure: Standard Hero Behavior

  • In the case of Oblivion's virtual barding you've I'm assuming as I haven't done this myself acquired a license to a copy of the copyrighted work created by Bethesda.

    Question 3: Virtual Property

  • Does the EULA you'd presumably have to sign when you buy the barding keep you from reselling it and thus voiding the first sale doctrine?

    Question 3: Virtual Property

  • They cover the breast with foil, or with wet cheesecloth, or strips of pork fat “barding”, or baste it, all to slow its cooking.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Cooks often shield it from direct oven heat by “barding” it with a sheet of fat or fatty bacon, and baste it during cooking, which cools the meat surface by evaporation and slows the movement of heat into the meat p.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen


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  • "The white rat stepped cautiously into the room, nostrils flaring. Satisfied of its immediate safety, the rat darted up Teo's desk and sat atop her paperwork. It wore black velvet barding blazoned with a silver spiderweb; a leather scroll case the size of a cigarette hung around its neck."

    Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone, p 65

    April 20, 2014

  • Barding is armor for horses. Also called simply bard.

    November 8, 2007