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  • Of or pertaining to a leech or to the group Bdelloida.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to rotifers of the subclass Bdelloidea.
  • noun A rotifer of the subclass Bdelloidea.


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Ancient Greek βδέλλα (bdella, "leech") + -oid.


  • Every individual bdelloid is a female that produces unfertilized eggs from which more females hatch and so on.

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  • January 29 (ANI): A new research has discovered that the secret to the evolutionary longevity of very small invertebrates called bdelloid rotifers is that they are - Articles related to Endangered animals get new lease of life in Singapore

  • Obama's NASA Budget: So Long, Moon Missions; Hello, Private Spaceflight Biologists are a step closer to figuring out the bizarre animals known as bdelloid rotifers, thanks to a new study in Science.

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  • Evidence for massive horizontal gene transfer - from bacteria, fungi, and even from plants - has been found in the genome of the tiny swimming critter known as the bdelloid rotifer ...


  • Japanese beetles have picked up sequences from a parasitic bacterium and microscopic aquatic creatures called bdelloid rotifers have collected genes from bacteria, fungi and plants.

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  • The authors base this claim on the well known fact several groups of multicellular animals, for example, bdelloid rotifers, tardigrades, nematodes and arthropods, have representatives that can survive extreme desiccation for long periods.

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  • This paper came to my attention because it cites one of my old papers on bdelloid rotifers (Örstan, 1995).

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  • However, the bdelloid Philodina did survive exposure to 120 °C even when it was heated rapidly (100 °C/min).

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  • Mertens et al. showed that the seeds or spores of various plants (Cardamine, Taraxacum, Adiantum, etc.), the cysts of the crustaceans Branchipus schaefferi (fairy shrimp) and Artemia franciscana (brine shrimp) as well as adult bdelloid rotifers and tardigrades survived exposures to temperatures as high as 130 °C for as long as 10 min.

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  • Therefore, when someone isolates a particular specimen using only external morphology discernible at low magnification to assure that it is indeed a bdelloid, the probability of it being a male is roughly identical to the ratio of males to females in the population from which that specimen came.

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  • In addition to being a kind of leech, "bdelloid" also describes a rotifer of the order Bdelloidea.

    November 5, 2007

  • see also hirudine

    November 5, 2007