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  • adj. Bearded.
  • adj. Manly, masculine.
  • n. A bearded person or animal:

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  • n. A name of the white-throat, Sylvia cinerea. Macgillivray.
  • n. In Scotland, a name of the loach, Nemachilus barbatulus, a small fresh-water malacopterygian fish, family Cyprinidæ: so called from the six barbules that hang from the mouth. Also spelled beardie.
  • n. A fish, Lotella marginata, of the family Gadidæ, resembling the loach: so named from the barbel under its chin. Also called ling.


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beard +‎ -y


  • We have a reputation a strange reputation for many of us for being a "beardy" blog that studies what is understood to be a "non-beardy" subject.

    Academic Instincts and Virtual World Studies

  • Copenhagen was more interesting than I expected; it would have been fun to hear more of what some of TN's "beardy" folks are thinking.

    SOP II: IP Panel

  • Speccy, greeny, beardy, owly, ginger and the fit one - all the gang are here.

    The great Harry Potter viewing marathon

  • Lifted from their debut EP, this minimalistic yet charmingly whimsical slice of lo-fi alt-folk opens with nought but a lone slappy bass riff and jerky surreal prose, before blossoming out into a cacophony of wondrous twangy noises, and ends up sounding like Badly Drawn Boy, Sufjan Stevens and a parliament of owls caught up in a weird feathery, beardy group hug, happily tumbling down an upwards escalator in slow motion.

    This week's new singles

  • Hmm. The Mill wonders which way the beardy Yank fiscal homunculi are going to go on this one.

    Football transfer rumours: Glen Johnson to Juventus?

  • If my family or any of the beardy artisans they hung out with had found my diaries, overheard the nightly phone conversations with confidantes, or worse still, mind-read my fantasies – a cartoonish swirl of novice sex scenes, stalking plans and romantic heroine delusions – I have no doubt they would have been shocked out of their idealism.

    Joanna Briscoe: Mr A, my unattainable love god

  • He's a sexy wheeler-dealer trapped in a beardy accountant's body, the poor love.

    TV review: The Apprentice, Home Is Where The Heart Is

  • He's everything that Steve and Becky aren't – beardy, weirdy, inappropriate, awkward, unaware, socially inept … though not entirely unlikable; it's just that there are issues.

    TV review: Him & Her

  • It's all very well to say that we must ditch the economic model that measures things in growth, but last time a beardy-weirdy type suggested tearing up the global economic system and starting all over again, it didn't turn out terribly well.

    Christina Patterson: What I Learnt from Prince Charles

  • Come celebrate all things beard at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Monday January 31st, 2011 as we prepare to enter "Facial Hair February" with beardy bands, mustached DJs, vendors, contests, food and more.

    TONIGHT: Brooklyn Beardfest & Stache Bash


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  • spotted as a lizard.  Bearded dragon?

    September 4, 2017