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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of beggar.


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  • A doorway in the heavens-the idea beggared reason.

    The Dragons at War

  • (It wasn't exactly "beggared" a one that he said, but that is near enough.) "D'ye mean to tell me," said Captain Rush (as he frothed with wrath),

    The Shellback's Progress In the Nineteenth Century

  • In May, 1593, sick, and 'tumbled down the hill by every practice,' he would go on exclaiming against the administrative blunders which had let England be baffled and 'beggared' by a nation without fortifications, and, for long, without effective arms.

    Sir Walter Ralegh A Biography

  • As every one who had an opinion to give was bawling it out at the very top of his voice, whilst those who had none contented themselves by shouting vague sentences devoid of particular meaning of any kind, the noise and tumult were such as beggared description.

    Frank Fairlegh Scenes From The Life Of A Private Pupil

  • The take a break itself beggared all description: a gourmet as good as gourmand's delight!

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • They wish that the coalition would stop trying to buy oldie votes with free bus passes and fuel allowances and so on we've had more than our share of lollipops in the boom part of the cycle and concentrate on the under-30s, whose futures have already been mortgaged and beggared by my generation to pay for the bust.

    Women and the Tories: Look inwards before telling us to 'calm down, dear'

  • Writing that he had watched Wednesday's "Talking Points Memo," Sullivan wrote that it was "so full of meaningless cliches about 'big government' and 'progressives,' so divorced from any coherent engagement with the reality of Obama's record and stated views, that it beggared belief" (video below).

    Andrew Sullivan: Bill O'Reilly Is A Dishonest Propagandist

  • He suggested that if Dr Skuse was wrong about his claimed findings of nitro-glycerine traces, that would mean he had wasted most of his professional life; if the mens' confessions were false and had been signed because of brutality, the enormity of the conspiracy within two police forces beggared belief.

    The Birmingham Six: Have we learned from our disgraceful past?

  • Ms. Tegel explains that, following the Thirty Years War in the mid-17th century, German princes who had been beggared by the war and were unable to borrow from bankers began turning to Jews for loans.

    Bigotry at the Box Office

  • When we consider that in less than two years of being out of majority power, the very party that beggared our nation is leading the movement of fiscal responsibility, skepticism raises a very frightening possibility: perhaps, the United States of America is still just a territory and not yet a nation.

    Vanessa Carmichael: Are We a Nation?


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