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  • Yes | No | Report from jd wrote 1 year 2 weeks ago looks just like a magnum research bfr to me, if it is a 600 better him than me good luck.

    And Now, A Really Manly Handgun

  • February 20, 2008 at 12:12 am oops sorry, entered bfr reading lulz, bad kitty, lives not in the US. soz.

    Poker Cats Contest - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • No mention Myers-White flopperoo '51 acct visibly exploded bfr passng moon orbit.

    The Space Merchants

  • Also, we will broadcast ... zoomi: yo. .i got that t shirt … best 30 bukks evr spent! on th real … go get em bfr they gone i hear they supr limited edition now!!! or ...

    Laughing Squid

  • Tht th Dbts thr by Prchs, Sl, Rvns, r by wht thr nm thy my b cll'd, f thy hv bn vlntly xtrtd by n f th Prtys n Wr, nd f th Dbtrs lldg nd ffr t prv thr hs bn rl Pymnt, thy shll b n mr prsctd, bfr ths xcptns b frst djstd.

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  • Scndly, tht ll th Lwr Pltnt, wth ll nd vry th cclsstcl nd Sclr Lnds, Rghts nd pprtnncs, whch th lctrs nd Prncs Pltn njy'd bfr th Trbls f Bhm, shll b flly rstr'd t hm; s ls ll th Dcmnts,

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  • Tht th Prncs f Wrtmbrg, f th Brnchs f Mntbllrd, shll b r-stblsh'd n ll thr Dmns n lsc, nd whrsvr thy b sttd, bt prtclrly n th thr Ffs f Brgndy, Clrvl, nd Pssvnt: nd bth Prtys shll r-stblsh thm n th Stt, Rghts nd Prrgtvs thy njy'd bfr th Bgnnng f ths Wrs. XXXV.

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  • V. f th Pssssrs f stts, whch r t b rstr'd, thnk thy hv lwfl xcptns, yt t shll nt hndr th Rstttn; whch dn, thr Rsns nd xcptns my b xmn'd bfr cmptnt Jdgs, wh r t dtrmn th sm.

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  • Who did published newspapers bfr world war two. .... matret Nothing's gonna change my world

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7


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  • short txt version of 'before'.

    January 14, 2018