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  • noun A Punjabi dance music traditionally performed during harvest festivals and weddings, characterized by the beating of a large, two-headed drum.
  • noun A popular style of music combining traditional bhangra drumming with modern Western instruments and rhythms.

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  • noun A lively style of music originating from India.
  • noun A traditional Punjabi folk dance, originally a celebration of the harvest.
  • noun Any of various modern Punjabi dance styles of the 1950s and 1990s.


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[Punjabi bhāngṛā.]

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Punjabi ਭੰਗੜਾ


  • 'Psychedelic bhangra' is no real musical term, but I see what the kid was getting at.

    The Psychedelic Bhangra Movement does not exist (Music (For Robots))

  • At first it was music -- a funked-up version of a Punjabi folk dance called bhangra -- that gave British-Asians a voice.

    The Queen Is Indian?

  • The weight-shedding Punjabi 'bhangra' dance exercise has beensuccessfully adopted by the Bathinda police in the state of Punjabin India andwill be followedprobably bythe entire state to make cops fitter and healthier.

    Cops to dance for shedding weight

  • Mika Singh's jocularly loud and impulsive vocals take the fort with celebrating 'bhangra' feel in situational sounding 'Man Mouji Matwala'. - bollywood updates

  • It starts off well in trendy set of electronic arrangements that raises expectations but settles down with routine 'bhangra' beat patterns with moderate appeal. - bollywood updates

  • When the guys do the 'bhangra', girls do the 'gidda'.

    Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'

  • Must be able to mainly answer questions related to 'bhangra' with proper well thought out answers, and occasionally create new forum topics. - New Projects

  • Swelling on folksy Punjabi moods, Dhruv Dhalla composes the funkier paced 'bhangra' beat track that brings out the gist of tomfoolery happenings in enthralling 'Kukduk'. - bollywood updates

  • Pritam makes a flamboyant arrival of '' bhangra '' celebration that comes all the way with bombastic '' dhol '' beats and vibrant orchestrations in loud '' n '' peppy '' Sambhale ''.


  • Like all Pritam's major '' bhangra '' hits, it has racy rap rendition with festive Shabbir Ahmed's lyrics setting out a tempo for a grandiloquent celebration.



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