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  • n. An oval cooking-pot, traditionally used in Provence.


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From Provençal French tian, from Ancient Greek τήγανον (tēganon).


  • The term tian has come to be known as a layered dish.

    The Skinnygirl Dish

  • The books explore recent political history in southeast Asia, as well as the role of religion and culture in Laotian society.

    Derek Shearer: Joy To The World: Good-Bye Bing Crosby, Hello Bob Dylan

  • Similar reports of Thai soldiers in Laotian uniform are common, and generally believed, in Vientiane.

    A Special Supplement: A Visit to Laos

  • In the Cold War years, Vang Pao had openly called on the U.S. to liberate Laos but now he was an elder statesmen, speaking at New Year's celebrations across the country, pleading with the U.N. to help Hmong still hiding and starving in Laotian jungles 35 years after the war. - News

  • She said she tried to stay in the car, fearing what she had seen and heard of in Laotian villages - girls essentially being kidnapped by men and made to be their wives.

  • In Provence, it is like a gratin baked in a tian, which is also the name for the baking dish.

    The Skinnygirl Dish

  • If I can correctly recall human history, some 2000 years ago some cat named Jesus caused quite a stir in this regard, and no, I am not a Christian or a Martian or any other 'tian' for that matter.

    Hedge Love. Beware

  • From Though Small, It Is Tasty, a sweet potato and spinach and egg "tian" a new word for me, the Epicurious dictionary says it's a 'French word describing a shallow, earthenware casserole, as well as the food that it contains.

    Archive 2005-09-01

  • We can call it tian yi zhen shui or Dao yi zhen shui, Heaven’s or Tao’s Oneness sacred liquid, respectively.

    Tao II

  • Diocle'tian's army in Britain, when 1000 Christians fell at Lichfield.

    Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol. 1 A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook


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