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  • noun The basic unit of money in China.


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[Mandarin yuán, round, yuan (in the latter meaning, loan translation of Japanese en, yen, written with the same Chinese character as Mandarin yuán, round), from Middle Chinese yan, round; see yen.]

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From Mandarin  (yuán).


  • For an international deal to work, The parties would have to agree that the yuan is too weak and the dollar too strong.

    Short List of Options for the U.S. on Yuan

  • China Construction Bank said in April that it was planning to raise as much as 75 billion yuan from a rights issue.

    Financial Briefing Book: Oct. 20

  • With regard to your editorial "The Election Gong Show" (Oct. 14): High tariffs and a worthless dollar are not the route to American prosperity, even if the Chinese yuan is undervalued.

    Devaluation and Tariffs Are Madness

  • Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao warned last week, "If the yuan is not stable, it will bring disaster to China and the world."

    South Korea Pushes for Global Currency Solutions

  • Journal Community "If the yuan is not stable, it will bring disaster to China and the world," he said during a speech in Brussels to top European Union officials and business people, who have recently joined the U.S. in publicly demanding that Beijing let the value of its currency appreciate.

    Yuan Hits High After Holiday

  • Third-quarter capital expenditures were up 90%, to 246.3 million yuan from the year-earlier 129.6 million yuan.

    Baidu Profit Doubles to Quarterly Record

  • As The Wall Street Journal's Lingling Wei reported Wednesday , the Bank of China here in the U.S. has started allowing American customers to open an account and to invest up to $4,000 per day — and a total of $20,000 a year — in Chinese yuan, or renminbi.

    Do You Need a Chinese Bank Account?

  • The U.S., as expected, opted not to name China a currency manipulator though it called the yuan appreciation "insufficient."

    U.S. Criticizes Japan, China on Currencies

  • China unpegged the yuan from the dollar in mid-June.

    G-20 Seeks to Forge Consensus on Currencies

  • The Bank of Thailand is looking to invest some of its reserves in yuan bonds issued by the Chinese government, Asst. Gov.

    Asian Forex Reserves Climb


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